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[VIDEO] Hilarity Ensures When Clueless Liberal is Asked to Explain Exactly “Why” Trump Should Be “Arrested”



Liberals are some of the most clueless and dopey people on the planet. They hear something on MSNBC or CNN, and they just parrot whatever was said. There’s no critical thinking involved or research into what’s going on. They just hear the talking points and regurgitate them all over the planet, no questions asked. It’s very much a cult mentality, that’s based on twisted and confused emotions. Facts are not part of the equation for liberals. They just “feel” something and run with it.

And nowhere has that been more apparent, than with this useful idiot who was protesting outside of Trump Tower in New York City. He was there to demand President Trump be “arrested” because of all his “criminal activity.” According to this blithering idiot, Trump is just swimming in “criminal activity.” So, the reporter who was there asked him to elaborate on all of this… what was this “criminal enterprise” that Trump was involved in?

This guy’s response is one for the record books… you will love it so much, I bet you’ll watch it more than once.

You can watch the video below:

How great was that? I know you’re going to watch it again; it was THAT good, wasn’t it? This guy is just a perfect example of the “typical” low-info liberal. They have zero clue about what’s really going on and are being used by Dems and the propaganda media, to get all emotionally lathered up and out of control for basically nothing.

And when nothing happens, you’d think these people would stop with the faux outrage and start asking questions or researching on their own. But they don’t. They just sit around and wait to be told what to be outraged and hysterical about next.

That is the life cycle of a useful liberal idiot.

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