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[VIDEO] Joe Biden Appears to Struggle With Swallowing, While Scarfing Down His Pizza



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Biden met with the troops while he was in Europe and needless to say, it was a little strange.


Plenty of screenshots and photos have popped up online which show the troops giving Biden some awfully strange looks, and really, who can blame them?

Newsmax reporter Greg Kelly shared this viral photo.

Here’s what he said: “The Troops are AGHAST that this BAFOON is “the president”–⁦@JoeBiden⁩ “Digs In” to that PIZZA PIE like an ANIMAL before the Soldiers got any. In the military, the senior officer always eats LAST! (And have some MANNERS for cryin’ out loud) !!”

MORE NEWS: Four More Photos of Soldiers Giving Biden The “Stink Eye” Surface

But things got even more uncomfortable when Biden started having difficulty while he scarfed down a slice of pizza.

It appears that Joe is having a lot of trouble swallowing his food.

He needs to take smaller bites.

Perhaps this is connected to his cognitive issues?

image 1


What was really telling, was how the troops reacted… many looked on, with a perplexed, even disgusted look on their faces.

Watch the video:

It’s hard to watch Joe suffer, even if you dislike him and his politics — on a human level.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Biden has publicly humiliated himself with food.


As we remember all too well, he actually showed up at a public event with literal egg on his face.

Why does his family allow this to go on?

From the New York Post

President Biden left himself with what appeared to be actual egg on his face at a virtual meeting with governors Friday — setting off a hard-to-watch series of events.

Biden had to be alerted by an aide to remove a speck from his chin during the event, which was livestreamed from the White House.

The meeting to discuss wildfires with a group of governors from Western states was underway — and Vice President Kamala Harris was speaking — when the staffer slipped Biden a note about his grooming goof.

“Sir, there is something on your chin,” the handwritten message read.

Biden appeared to have a yellow-orange and translucent object, resembling a piece of egg yolk, on the right side of his chin.

It’s really hard to remember the last time Biden went out in public and didn’t embarrass himself or the country. His wife should be ashamed of herself.

It’s sad and hard to watch all of this unfold, yet it’s infuriating at the same time.


Now we know why they kept him in the “basement” all those months…

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DHS: ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ Are ‘Infiltrating’ the Abortion Debate



pro abortion protestors

New in PJ Media:

What would we do without the Department of Homeland Security? Those intrepid defenders of our liberties are showing these days how richly they deserve our taxpayer billions, as DHS officials, ever on the watch, warned on Monday that “domestic violent extremists” are “infiltrating” the national debate over abortion, with nefarious plans to “incite violence amongst their supporters.”

Now, I must admit, I’m not as sharp as the all the knives in the drawer over at the DHS, and I don’t have my finger on the pulse of threats to “our democracy,” which Leftists are constantly telling us is in imminent peril from people who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the basic goodness of the American experiment. So I hope that Alejandro Mayorkas and his henchmen, that is, colleagues, at the DHS will forgive me for not realizing that domestic violent extremists have only recently infiltrated the abortion debate. I had the crazy idea that domestic violent extremists had actually infiltrated the abortion debate decades ago; in fact, I thought they had been there from the very beginning. After all, there are people out there who think that those who dismember babies in the womb are performing a decent and righteous act; if that’s not domestic violent extremism, what is?

But that is, of course, not the kind of domestic violent extremism that the DHS has in mind. To be sure, our intrepid defenders didn’t specify exactly what kind of domestic violent extremism they did have in mind. ABC News reported that the DHS official who disclosed this warning “did not specify which side, if any, the extremists were taking.” However, it’s not hard to figure out which side the DHS has in mind. The FBI, as well as DHS officials, have quite frequently repeated the claim that “white supremacists” are the most formidable “domestic extremist” threat that the nation faces today.

This is an administration that has likened parents who have protested at school board meetings against Communist indoctrination and transgender propaganda in public schools to terrorists, while not saying a thing about genuine Antifa violence and thuggery, so when the DHS warns that “domestic violent extremists” are infiltrating the abortion debate, it’s absolutely certain that the people they are tarring with this label are pro-lifers. And while there have been a handful of pro-lifers who were violent in the past, it’s far more likely that DHS is equating dissenting words with violence.

Why do I say that? Because it has happened to me. Last year, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), an organization created by Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube to police terrorism on the Internet, bizarrely designated my organization Jihad Watch a “violent extremist” group, despite the fact that pretty much all we do is type and report on jihad activity in the U.S. and around the world.

There is more. Read the rest here.



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CAF Confederations Cup Finals: Bookmakers Become Orlando Pirates Favorites!



CAF Confederations Cup Finals Bookmakers Become Orlando Pirates Favorites

orlando pirates will become South African first time ever the winner of CAF Confederations Cup exist Friday 20 May – If you want to trust the bookmakers!

Image | Orlando Pirates unveil new gear for CAF Confederations Cup final

Pirates will take on Morocco RS Berkane In the final in Uyo, Nigeria.

tee time is 21:00 (South Africa time).

READ | Why the Orlando Pirates can count on ‘family’ support in Nigeria

The competition is in its 19th season and has yet to see a team from Mzansi have their names written on the trophy.

orlando pirates lose 2-1 Total for Tunisia sahel star In the 2015 finals, while super sports union also behind the same overall score line TP Mazambi 2017.

RS Berkane took the title back in 2020.


Leading South African bookmaker Hollywoodbets has installed the Orlando Pirates as 13/20 Favorite person to lift a trophy – 90 minutes later or after punishment.

RS Berkane can support 12/10 Add a second headline to their resume.

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In terms of the score after 90 minutes, the Buccaneers’ offer is 13/10 win in “normal” time, while their Moroccan enemies can 2/1.

The draw after 90 minutes is also available at 2/1.

Be sure to keep an eye on the South African website for the latest and greatest coverage before, during and after the game.

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CAF Confederations Cup trophy.Photo: Getty Images

CAF Confederations Cup winners to date:

2004 – Heart of Oak (Ghana)

2005 – Far Rabat (Morocco)

2006 – Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)

2007 – CS Sfaxien (Tunisia)

2008 – CS Sfaxien (Tunisia)

2009 – Stade Malien (Mali)

2010 – FUS Rabat (Morocco)

2011 – MAS Fez (Morocco)

2012 – AC Leopards (Congo)

2013 – CS Sfaxien (Tunisia)

2014 – Al Ahli (Egypt)

2015 – Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)

2016 – TP Mazembe (Democratic Republic of Congo)

2017 – TP Mazembe (Democratic Republic of Congo)

2018 – Raja Casablanca (Morocco)

2019 – Zamalek (Egypt)

2020 – RS Berkane (Morocco)

2021 – Raja Casablanca (Morocco)

2022 –Orlando Pirates (South Africa) orRS Berkane (Morocco)



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