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[VIDEO] Megyn Kelly Reveals Insider Scoop About Chris Wallace’s Old Fox News Show



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I was never a fan of Chris Wallace. Even when I was watching Fox News on the regular, I couldn’t stand Chris Wallace.

Besides the fact that he was always so divisive and nasty, I thought his so-called “hard-hitting” questions were “smoke and mirrors.”


As soon as he had his “victim” on the line, and was ready to reel them in, he’d stop beating them with the question and totally switch gears, and you’d never know the answer to that big “bombshell” question.

He reminded me of a huckster, all show and no real action.

And even though he tried to pretend he was Mr. Impartial, I could tell he was a liberal — especially after President Trump was elected. Chris had Stage 5 TDS and he couldn’t hide it.

I always wondered why Fox kept Chris Wallace, and I dug a few times to see what his ratings were, but I could never find anything.

But now, thanks to Megyn Kelly, we know what was going on with Chris Wallace and his really unpopular show.

MORE NEWS: Chris Wallace Will Be Throwing a New Round Of “Hissy Fits” After He Hears This Disastrous New CNN Update

That’s right, according to Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace had the least popular show on all of Fox News, consistently, every single time… and that’s why they don’t want him back.

Western Journal reported that former Fox News anchor and Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly has a warning for Chris Wallace now that he’s left for CNN: Don’t think you’re going to have an easy time of it.

On her Friday show, Kelly related to radio host Buck Sexton that she considered jumping to CNN when she left Fox News, but she ended up pursuing a different path with a daytime show on NBC.

While that failed, Kelly said a defection to CNN would have been even more of a bloodbath, considering the network’s viewership.

And Wallace was never popular ratings-wise at Fox News, either, as Kelly pointed out — he was “in last place, every week, every year, every month, he was always last.”

“In what world is Chris Wallace going to CNN because it’s so ethical and journalistic? I think he’s delusional,” Sexton said.

Kelly noted it hardly mattered anyway since the streaming network has almost no pickup.



“Who is the moron at CNN who actually thought ‘you know what we need with our ratings in the toilet? More of us,’” Kelly said.

“We need more CNN. There’s more appetite for these anchors who no one will watch when it’s free — well ish — in primetime, and they’re gonna pay extra out of their pocket to watch them cook or talk about books or interview people who are about 200 years old.”

However, Wallace was seen as an independent voice from a famous journalistic family — his father was legendary CBS News journalist Mike Wallace — which gave him cache. At CNN, that’s a different story; Wallace acknowledged in the Times interview that many of the viewers on CNN wouldn’t be impressed that he turned his back on Fox, instead holding it against him that he was employed there for so long.


CNN’S hardcore base, who stuck with them when every sane person left, will never accept someone like Chris Wallace.

That would be like Fox News viewers suddenly accepting Juan Williams. And Fox News doesn’t want him back either. He will probably end up a nomad, wandering from place to place trying to find his new “home.” But he never will — Wallace will never regain the respected platform he had on “Fox News Sunday.”


He allowed his TDS to cloud his thinking and he’ll pay for it with his career and reputation.

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Bible Verses and Prayer for May 16, 2022



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Salute to God’s children and warriors! Before you are the good words of the Lord to help you start your day. It is Monday, May 16, 2022. Pray with your bible verses to help you start your day with confidence, compassion and strength.

bible verse of the day

“Then you will call me over and pray to me and I will hear you”

Jeremiah 29:12


dear God,

Father, the devil uses our hard times to separate us from you, but nothing in God can separate us from your love for us. Not hard times, not depth or anything, because you are a loving God. I know you are with me and you will never leave me. Please guide my thoughts and actions.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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historical bible

The Bible from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, ‘book’) is a collection of sacred religious texts and scriptures in Christianity, Judaism, and Samaritanism. This fine book was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Vulgar Greek. These texts feature explanations, stories, poems, and prophecies. The Bible is the product of divine inspiration. A collection of material accepted as part of the Bible by a particular religious tradition or community is called the Biblical canon.

Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christianity is considered the largest religion in the world, with approximately 2.5 billion adherents. These people are identified as Christians. The religion considers Jesus to be the Son of God, whose coming was foretold in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.

Read more bible verses and prayers

Enjoy our list of past scriptures and prayers below.



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NRW state elections in the press. CDU victory “is a slap in the face for Olaf Scholz”.



hendrik wu st

Union և The Greens are the winners of the North Rhine-Westphalia state election. The Social Democrats had their worst election results. Bitter testimony for Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the press comments.

The face-to-face race between the Christian Social Democrats was predicted by election researchers ahead of the North Rhine-Westphalia state election. And then everything turned out very differently. The union had declared itself the clear winner in the first predictions, the “greens” were also able to score a goal, first of all they surprised with a big increase of votes. And the SPD experienced a decline.

Things do not look good for the Liberals and the AfD. Both had to tremble to enter the state parliament, while the left failed in the third consecutive election. One thing is certain now: there will no longer be Groko, nor will there be an alliance between the CDU and the FDP. The Greens can now count on serious opportunities to participate in the government. The SPD, on the other hand, may leave empty-handed.

This is what the press says about the election results in NRW.

Conservatism and eco-politics should not be mutually exclusive

“General of Augsburg”. “The Chancellor’s motto for the next few months և after the next state election should be in Lower Saxony. Dare to lead more. While the NRW Greens received a boost from two of the strongest traffic light ministers, Robert Habek and Annalena Baerbock, NRW can: – The FDP did not claim that. He had to worry for a long time about re-entering the Düsseldorf state parliament. “Together” is a Scholz word that is widely used. “It’s more than ever after the NRW election.”

Cologne City Gazette. “Green and green would be a new, unused option for the country, a new model of success is possible. The common ground may be the commitment of both parties to the early cessation of coal in 2030. This also applies to other issues, such as: Because school and education, health and safety, public transport, bureaucracy, there are many overlaps. “Negotiations can fail if the Greens go too far and bring the CDU to the brink of self-denial.”

«Reutlingen General Gazette». “It is exciting to see how the traditional left-right-left balance is being resolved. Voters in NRW obviously want food and greenery. In one word. In the current situation of the nation and the world, the voters rely on stability. CDU և Pragmatic Greens with persuasive figures. They exist, the parenthesis of the conservative creation և formerly “left” eco-policy. The fusion of economic policy into the mindset of stability in the fight against climate change is no longer a paradox. “Defense capabilities – The readiness for war, to be honest, is not ideologically demonized, but is perceived as an integral part of peace policy, even if it really hurts the soul.”

“Northwestern newspaper”. “The CDU won the North Rhine-Westphalia state election and was tasked with forming a government. Good luck to the short-term Prime Minister Hendrik Vust! A look to the left shows how much Vust’s victory really costs. end It should be a coalition, the big one is “Who with whom?” has been running since the first predictions, revealing who is actually deciding whether to form a government. And it will not work, because a grand coalition seems impossible, simply because there are more attractive alternatives for the two major parties. The Greens almost got their result, as expected, tripled, so his place in the future state government is almost confirmed. The best candidate Mona Neubauer can almost freely choose who she will be on. Is it a green light or, like the federal government, a traffic light? coalition. “Everything is possible, the role of the king belongs to him, not to the winner of the nominal elections.”

NRW elections. The real loser is Olaf Scholz

“Weser Courier”. “The worst result of the SPD election in the history of North Rhine-Westphalia is the slap in the face to Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In contrast to the previous state elections in Saarland և Schleswig-Holstein, the result of Düsseldorf is as follows: not for political reasons, but mainly a line of voters’ frustration with the fluctuating course of the Chancellor in Ukraine. “The result is more evidence of the chancellor’s weakness than the CDU prime minister’s strength.”

“Central German newspaper”. “The result of the NRW election is a slap in the face to Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), which can be heard as far as Berlin. The ballot is considered a “minor federal election” as 18 million Germans live in the Rhein-Ruhr area. And federal policy had a big impact, with Prime Minister Hendrik Vust (CDU) failing to throw a significant bonus on the scales. Obviously one of the losers of the evening, the Greens are bright. The Winning High Flight is most likely due to the fact that Annalena Baerbock’s Robert Habek’s best duo have been operating without any major shocks since day one. “The government was following a consistent, pragmatic course in the Ukrainian war, while Scholz was to be blamed for hesitation.”

“New Osnabrück newspaper”. “From the SPD’s point of view, nothing can be restrained in connection with this result. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the two clear winners of Election Day are called the CDU and the Green SPD is ousted. This is not only bitter for the state SPD. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is considered calculated. The new CDU victory strengthens critics inside and outside the ruling coalition. The most federal state elections in NRW are not considered small, which are called federal elections. «

Stuttgarter News “Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia are a seismograph for the general mood in Germany. They can cause the situation in Berlin. Following the defeat of the SPD in the Rhine ուր Ruhr, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has called for new elections in the federal government. In 2005. These will be comparable shocks. Do not incite NRW elections. CDU leader Friedrich Mertz has stabilized after a rough start. He showed that the Union can win the elections under its leadership. However, Olaf Scholz will have a hard time claiming NRW. It’s time to think. His friends openly campaigned with him as chancellor,’s supposedly good contacts with their top leader Thomas Kuchati in Berlin as a campaign argument. “Now Scholz must take personal responsibility for the catastrophic outcome.”

Frankenpost. “Thus, it may have the opposite effect that Thomas Kutchat showed himself on a poster next to Olaf Scholz during the election campaign. Yes, you can almost see the election results as a vote of no confidence in the Chancellor. Historically the worst. The result of the state election in North Rhine-Westphalia, however, in any case. It was just as miserable for the FDP. These are catastrophic signals for federal government traffic lights. Both the SPD and the FDP are severely weakened. First of all, Olaf Scholz. he must finally recognize the signs that he needs to explain his policies more than his behind-the-scenes behavior. The chancellor must take the country with him on his way. “

Take a deep breath for Friedrich Merz և CDU

“Rhine Palace”. “Coalitions are usually more a matter of trust than one of the many possible crossroads in terms of content. Therefore, it will depend, first of all, on the Greens or on two possible partners, the Christian or the Social Democrats, who have more confidence in the top staff. Greens are traditionally left-wing in North Rhine-Westphalia. Either way, it can be costly for a CDU or SPD. The Greens are in a good position to extort a lot from their future partner. content. “

“General newspaper”. “If NRW is now obviously green, it has a lot of extensions in Berlin. The Greens are significantly improving their negotiating position in the traffic lights. From now on, you can point out that green is also a federal option. Friedrich Mertz և The CDU may breathe a sigh of relief after winning two elections in Schleswig-Holstein երկու North Rhine-Westphalia, but their electoral success confirms the social opening of the Union driven by Merkel, not the desire to return. conservatism, which makes Mertzi a moderator of the transition process, even if he himself may not be aware of it. The SPD must realize that Olaf Scholz failed to receive the Chancellor’s bonus in NRW. Anyone who knows the chancellery of the Chancellor’s office. knows, however, that the defeat of NRW will have no bearing on the performance of its government, especially in this time of crisis. That should not be wrong. “

“Berlin newspaper”. “Vust has surpassed the result of the 2017 CDU, so it is the clear winner of the elections. Friedrich Mertz can also consider this a success. But if the SPD, despite the losses suffered by Kuchat, ended up in the red and green, Olaf Scholz would not have. Two things are clear. “The Greens will receive a royal reward for their decision to form a coalition. The war in Ukraine remains a dominant issue at all political levels.”

Westphalian News “Voters in North Rhine-Westphalia made a decision, but despite the clear results, it was not an easy task for the parties. The CDU was well ahead of the SPD, the Greens were expecting a strong third place, the FDP failed. The only thing that is obvious is that blacks and yellows clearly voted against. The CDU has achieved a high result. 35% is an announcement. The political future of Prime Minister Hendrik Vust is uncertain, whether his party will reach a new majority. is uncertain. Politics can be so tough. The SPD does not live up to expectations. Looking at the numbers, red-green hardly seems possible. The traffic light will have a huge majority, provided that the FDP does not miss the flight to the state parliament. The Liberals are the big losers in this election. They have more than halved their performance since 2017. Thus, the robbed party takes the receipt for the highest candidate, significant emptiness և Shah. “A ministry that often contradicted the description.”




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