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Video: Osimhen’s “rigour and discipline” are crucial for the second leg match against Guinea-Bissau

Nigerian international Victor Osimhen has learnt how to work for his ball on his own, according to Italian football analyst Monica Scozzavafa, who said this previously in her view.

Her column claims that the Napoli striker stopped complaining about not getting the ball after having done so in the past.

Although it is natural that the Nigerian striker is driven to score more goals for himself and lead the Super Eagles to victory, he can, however, restrain his demanding behaviour towards his teammates in the next match.

This may psychologically demoralize other players and lessen the team’s solidarity throughout the game.

There were times when the Super Eagles star expressed his frustration at his players for not getting the ball and not dishing out the accurate pass.

Watch the video here:

What has Scozzavafa said?

Under Luciano Spalletti’s guidance, the Nigerian striker was able to gain rigour and the discipline to refrain from exaggerating his protests for the ball, Scozzavafa remarked in her column.

“He improved his ability to walk back to the door and to look for depth. Spalletti is a supporter of his development and has instilled in him rigour and discipline.

“It is no accident that he no longer raises his arms excessively in protest, that he has learnt to go grab the ball instead of whining when he doesn’t receive it, and that when he does raise them, it is solely to help his teammates.

“In addition to his champion’s statistics being in double digits in the league for the third straight season, the Neapolitan coach enjoys these gestures as well. Every 97 minutes, one goal is scored.” She wrote.

What can be done?

This attitude has to be avoided by the former LOSC Lille player in order to protect his teammates’ spirits as well. He can also play the whole 90 minutes without being allowed to be distracted by his teammate’s actions and let them know when the game is over.

The Nigerian player may also use his vigour to boost the spirits of his squad members who have fallen low during the game.



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