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Vigil in Somervell County for Wildfire Victims


SOMERVELL COUNTY (UKTN) – Residents just southwest of DFW pray that spiritual strength will prevent devastating wildfires from wreaking more damage in Somerville County.

UKTN 11 News had the only camera in the evacuation center where a prayer vigil was held Wednesday night.

There were tears here tonight for those who lost everything and prayed passionately for divine intervention to stop fires that still rage and threaten homes.

“Lord, we do not understand the loss we have suffered that some of our friends have suffered,” said a local pastor.

A local pastor led this vigil at an event center in Glen Rose, where evacuees are currently staying overnight.

More than 100 people from as far away as Fort Worth circled the empty camp beds, receiving a disturbing update about the damage caused by the Somerville County fire, which is still only 10%.

The organizer of the wake said she has a personal connection with several of those families.

“I had a relative who lost a house,” said Somervell County resident Misty Melton. “It’s devastating. I watched a video yesterday… it’s just devastating.”

Bible readings and spiritual songs filled the room along with prayers for victims, first responders and even the endangered wildlife.

But above all, Pastor Joe Phillips believes it will make a difference.

“I really feel like there was a connection here tonight,” said Pastor Joe Phillips of the Rainbow Baptist Church. “Just the idea of ​​pulling people together and pulling us out of our homes, the heat and COVID pushed us in.”

The fire now covers 6,300 hectares. The authorities are doing everything they can to save property and lives.



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