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Virat Kohli vs Shahrukh Khan, who has the more net worth, fan following and popularity

As fans and players gear up for the start of the IPL season 16, 2023, Shah Rukh Khan vs Virat Kohli’s fans are busy pitting the two in an ugly fight on Social Media, know who has the more net worth and fan following

Tensions between the fan bases of the two largest superstars in India are quickly growing alarmingly.

Virat Kohli vs Shahrukh Khan, who has the more net worth in 2023, fan following and popularity

Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli are currently two of the biggest Indian superstars, and represent two distinct spheres of entertainment.

Virat Kohli vs Shah Rukh Khan war

Tensions between the two fan groups are escalating as they compare the two stars in terms of popularity. SRK supporters while praising their superstar are mocking the RCB’s IPL success. Meanwhile, Kohli’s supporters are bragging about the cricketer having more Instagram followers than the famous veteran actor.

There are some netizens who have decided to remain neutral and also shared that both superstars are the pride of India, while urging the two warring fans to stop the childish fight. In reality, the two stars get along very well and are known to admire each other works.

The whole idea of who is a more popular superstar is rather vague as there is no proper way of comparing that. Despite this, thousands of fans online have resorted war to using insulting comments, foul language, and low blows.

The whole incident has become an ugly exchange and completely irrational. Fans are even pulling out unrelated facts to the comparison while stating that these unrelated facts represent indicators of popularity for their own respective individual heroes.

When it comes to net worth, SRK has a net worth of $725 million while Kohli’s is at $127 million. As far as Instagram followers go, Kohli’s stand at 242 million while SRK’s following is at 37 million.

Virat and SRK have a good relationship

While the two fan bases engage in heated debates over the two celebrities, “King Khan” and “King Kohli” share a deep love and admiration for one another. The two seem to get along well. Just recently, Kohli and fellow cricketer Ravindra Jadeja gave an on-field performance to “Jhoome Jo Pathaan”. In response, SRK tweeted by saying, “They are doing it better than me!! Will have to learn it from Virat And Jadeja!!!”

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