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Virat Kohli’s jersey number became the date of December, the batsman’s night drowned in tears

Star Indian batsman Virat Kohli’s jersey number is a date in December that he still remembers. Kohli’s tears were unstoppable on that December night

There is an emotional story behind Virat Kohli’s jersey number

Image Credit source: AFP

New Delhi. Jersey number 18 is enough to tell the story of the player who took Indian cricket to new heights. This number is enough to count the wonders of that batsman and this number is enough to tell how that batsman was drowned in tears one night. When the morning of that batsman drowned in tears, it was neither for that batsman nor for Indian cricket like the rest of the days. That morning the life of the batsman changed and Indian cricket also got a superstar. Why does Virat Kohli wear jersey number 18?

Kohli played for Royal Challengers Bangalore or for the Indian team, Kohli’s number 18 jersey always shines, but why does he wear this number jersey. This question keeps running in the mind of many people.

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Number 18 related to father

Actually number 18 is just his jersey number, rather it is the date when he spent the whole night in tears. The number 18 is associated with his father. Actually Kohli’s father passed away on December 18, 2006 and that is why he wears jersey number 18. When Kohli’s father passed away, he was playing a Ranji match for Delhi against Karnataka. In the night his father said goodbye to the world.

most difficult time of life

Kohli had to play the match the next day after his father’s death. The Delhi team was in a difficult situation. In such a situation, Kohli decided to take the field the next day and averted the danger of follow-on from Delhi by scoring 90 runs. Talking to CNN, the former Indian captain said that he still remembers that night. It was the most difficult time of his life.

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