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Virgin River Season 5: Do Mike And Brie End Up Together?

Netflix’s drama show, ‘Virgin River,’ created by Sue Tenney, focuses on a group of people within a small town. The story begins with Mel Monroe’s arrival in town as the new nurse practitioner at the local physician clinic. Soon, Mel’s life changes for the better after crossing paths with Jack Sheridan. As the narrative begins to incorporate other storylines, Jack’s sister, Brie, a bigshot lawyer, rolls into town, marking the start of her relationship with Brady, one of Jack’s friends from the Marines. The couple chart a tumultuous journey after forming an instant connection in season three following Brie’s introduction to the show.

However, season five sees a number of complications that arise between the two, suggesting a possible end for their relationship. Amidst Brie and Brady’s rocky progression as a couple, Brie begins to get closer to her friend, Mike Valenzuela, an LAPD cop. As such, fans must be curious to know if the duo take their relationship further. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Mike And Brie End Up Together?

Early in season three, Brie and Brady’s relationship faces a significant roadblock once the latter’s dangerous involvement in Melissa Montgomery’s illegal business comes out in the open. After discovering that Brady has been lying to her in an effort to keep her safe, Brie decides to take a break from their relationship. Brie wants honesty and transparency from the people she’s closest to. As such, by proving his dishonesty, Brady breaks Brie’s trust.

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Worse yet, the revelation comes days before Brie’s sexual assault trial against her ex, Don, leading her to travel to Sacramento alone. Therefore, although Brie had counted on Brady to support her during the taxing trial, she ultimately had to face the courtroom alone. The experience is emotionally draining and frustrating, but Brie manages to see it to the end. Furthermore, in her time of need, she accidentally bumps into Mike, who’s at the same building for a different trial.

Mike’s unexpected company ends up providing much-needed support to Brie in the courthouse. Unlike Brady, Mike is comforting and supportive of Brie in this trying time without coming across as protective or overbearing. These are qualities that Brie has always appreciated but found lacking in Brady. Consequently, the chance encounter kickstarts a closer relationship for Brie and Mike.

While Brie’s friendship with Mike blossoms, her relationship with Brady continues to wither. Even though Brady tries to fix things between them by actively trying to take down Montgomery with Mike’s help, he’s unable to share the details of his undercover mission with Brie. As a result, Brie remains unwitting about Brady’s attempts to smooth things out with her and only catches him at his worst moments.

Eventually, after a minor misunderstanding between the trio, Brie breaks up with Brady following his poor reaction to her friendship with Mike. Afterward, Mike fills in for an empty spot at Brie’s work softball game after a player drops out at the last minute. The pair enjoy each other’s company during the softball game, bonding over their shared love for competitive sport. The day ends with the couple sharing a kiss, escalating their relationship from friends to something more.

Near the end of the season, Brady finally succeeds in getting Montgomery arrested. However, Mike gets shot during the showdown while trying to save Brady. During his recovery, Brie keeps the cop company, refusing to leave his side. Consequently, Brady realizes that the chapter between him and Brie has officially closed and that Brie has moved on with someone else.

With her relationship with Brady finally in the past, Brie chooses to spend time with Mike in the hospital rather than attending the Virgin River Labor Day Carnival. Mike reiterates the crucial role that Brady played in Montgomery’s arrest to ensure Brie has all the information if she wants to get back with Brady. Nonetheless, Brie, possibly endeared by Mike’s unending honesty, wants to give her budding romance with the cop a chance. In the end, Brie and Mike end up together, with their new relationship still in the early stages.

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