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Virgin River season 5 episode 11 trailer: Charmaine gives birth!

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As so many of you know already, Virgin River season 5 episode 11 is going to be the show’s big Christmas special! You are going to see that arrive when we get around to November 30, and of course there could be a lot of holiday cheer throughout.

With that being said, though, we should also go ahead and note the following: These episodes could give us all something that we have been waiting to see for a really long time. To be specific here, we are talking about a chance to see Charmaine give birth! We know that there have been a ton of jokes about this moment over the years and honestly, we get it. The show has really relished taking their time with this story, and it is also indicative of the way in which they slowly play things out. (Of course, Charmaine is going to welcome the twins right after we learn that Calvin is their father — talk about crazy timing for that twist!)

If you head over to Tudum now, you can see the full trailer that includes the big moment for Charmaine, plus Mel revealing that her father is very-much in Virgin River. Does she know who he is, or where to find him? Given how much Christmas is about family, it wouldn’t come as a big shock if this is something that is revealed before the end of these stories.

Of course, you do also have to remember along the way here that a season 6 is coming and it feels perfectly feasible like there are some things that will be saved for that. The only other scenario here is that there are some things that have been intentionally left out until we get to these episodes and at that point, we can see them explored.

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