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Virgin River season 5 premiere date: Any holiday news?

Virgin River season 4As we get closer to the holiday season, is there anything that we should expect or hope for when it comes to a Virgin River season 5? It’s something we’re already starting to think about a little.

We do think that throughout the next few months, this series is absolutely going to be front of mind for everyone at Netflix, and for good reason. While the Alexandra Breckenridge series may not have the popularity of a Squid Game or a Stranger Things, it remains one of the most important parts of the streaming service’s library. It’s also something that they will want to spotlight almost throughout the year, even when new episodes are not on the air. That is pretty darn important for times like right now, when we know that we are in the midst of a big hiatus.

If you are hoping for news on a premiere date over the next 30 days, you’re probably bound to be disappointed. However, that does not necessarily preclude the streaming service from shying away from news altogether. There is another path that they could go down, should they choose to do that! Think in terms of sharing a tease or two over the holidays.

What could that mean? Maybe it’s a five-second clip in a video highlighting all of their releases set to come out next year. Or, maybe it is a series of new photos that better set the stage for the journey ahead. They could announce an approximate premiere window, like “summer” or even July if they chose to do that. Given that July has been the designated month for this show for so many years, we don’t think there’s going to be a real eagerness to change that. Honestly, there really shouldn’t be.

The best thing that Netflix can do, at least for now, is just make sure that people don’t forget about Virgin River. This could also be, at the same time, a way to court some other viewers, as well.

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Where do you most want to see things go moving into Virgin River season 5 on Netflix?

Share your thoughts and hopes in the comments! Once you do just that, stay here at the site for some other updates. (Photo: Netflix.)



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