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War in Ukraine: at least three dead in Russian bombings in Kherson

According to the regional administration, “residential areas of the city” were affected, including a hospital, school, bus station, post office, bank and apartment buildings.

Russian shelling of residential areas in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson killed at least three people on Sunday, local authorities said.

In an area under Russian control in the neighboring region of Zaporizhia, also in the south of the country, the authorities installed by Moscow indicated that four people had been killed by a Ukrainian strike on a railway bridge.

“Residential areas” affected

The front in southern Ukraine, where the Russian army had to abandon Kherson in November, has recently been much calmer than that in the eastern part of the country, where fierce fighting is taking place, but the shelling from both sides Others never stopped and fighting resumed this week in the Zaporizhia region.

“Enemy artillery hit residential areas of the city,” the regional administration said on social media.

She added that a hospital, school, bus station, post office, bank and apartment buildings were hit. These strikes left three dead and six injured, including a nurse, according to the same source.

Moscow accuses kyiv of killing four people in a strike

The head of the pro-Russian administration installed by Moscow in Zaporizhia, Yevgeny Balitsky, for his part accused Ukraine of having committed “a strike with Himar multiple rocket launchers against a railway bridge spanning the Molotchnaya river” .

“Four members of a railway brigade were killed, five were injured and are being treated medically,” he added.

The bridge is in the town of Svetlodinskoye, north of the city of Melitopol controlled by Russian forces. According to the same source, work was underway on this infrastructure.