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Was beaten with chairs, now fear is haunting PCB, special conversation in Dubai

The fans of the Afghanistan cricket team surrounded Pakistan’s fence in the Asia Cup-2022 and attacked them with chairs kept in the stand.

The players and fences of Afghanistan and Pakistan clashed in the Asia Cup.

New Delhi: The teams of Pakistan and Afghanistan will face each other in the three-match T20 series from 24 March. Before this series, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi is having an old fear and for this he has talked to Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB). Actually, both these teams were face to face in the Asia Cup-2022 and then the players of both the teams clashed. Not only this, there was a fierce scuffle between the fans of both the teams. The fans of Afghanistan surrounded the fans of Pakistan and thrashed them by throwing chairs.

In the Asia Cup, there was a scuffle between Asif Ali of Pakistan and Farid Ahmed of Afghanistan. The victory in this match was won by Pakistan and then the fans of Afghanistan showered chairs on the fans of Pakistan in the stadium itself.

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Special meeting with ACB

Keeping this in mind, Najam Sethi has spoken to the ACB officials and asked them to ensure that their players and fans stay in line. He said, “I have spoken to the Afghan officials in Dubai. I have spoken to him about controlling the crowd, the behavior of the players. Also asked what is the guarantee that you manage your fans and players, because the past experience has not been good.

He said, “We have told the Afghanistan board to keep their players under control. Winning and losing are part of the game. We too have experienced victory and defeat. So we can control our emotions. But he is new in international cricket. That’s why they need to focus on their players.”

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ACB has given assurance

Najam Sethi has said that he has been given two assurances. He said, “Two assurances have been given. The UAE officials have made a new plan under which they will try their best not to let the fans of Pakistan and Afghanistan sit together in the same stand. Apart from this, strict action will be taken against the bullying of the people. Security in Sharjah will also be very strong.



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