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Was Bryce Evans, who was missing, found? Update On Case And GoFundMe



Bryce Evans

Was Bryce Evans, who was missing, found? Update On Case And GoFundMe

The last known location of Bryce Evans, a 23-year-old Tennessee resident who has been missing since July 31, was close to Cherokee, North Carolina.

A discovery in the case is meant to aid in the search for the missing man, but as of right now, all attempts appear to be in futile since the man has completely disappeared without a trace.

Bryce Evans

Tennessee: Was Bryce Evans found who was missing?

Since Sunday, the 23-year-old medical student has not been found, and the investigation is still in its early stages. Evans’s location is being actively sought for by law enforcement and his family. Clinical intern Bryce Evans, 23, of the University of Tennessee, went missing on July 31 while traveling from Knoxville to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The family of the young man’s last known location, which was close to Cherokee, North Carolina, last heard from him at noon on Sunday. The prescription understudy’s phone was off when Evans’ family attempted to contact him, so they had no idea where he was.

Does Bryce Evans Have a GoFundMe Page?

According to sources, no GoFundMe pages have been set up to financially assist Bryce’s family. The search for Bryce has, however, been widened online by his friends, family, and anyone else who has heard about his missing.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s park rangers discovered Bryce’s primary vehicle, a car. Evans’ 2017 grey Nissan Altima with the North Carolina side of the park’s registration plate 4LO-8L5 was spotted late on Thursday by park security. There hasn’t been any other solid lead in the case aside from this.

Update On The Case And Tribute To A Tennessee Man

Bryce Evans is still missing as of the writing of this article, and his family is pleading with the public for assistance in finding him. Everyone who is familiar with him is concerned for him right now and wants him to return home without incident.

Shortly after his disappearance, his sister Analiese Evans made a plea on Facebook for people to get in touch with her or her family in the event that they learned of his location. He has short brown hair and eyeglasses. He stands 6’3″ and weighs roughly 185 pounds.

Bryce Evans, 24, was reported missing to the Knoxville Police Department on Monday, August 1. The student was not visible at the time of the complaint. But according to a KPD spokesperson, he planned to work out at the T-Rex Gym at UTK and then he might travel to Charlotte.

Despite the fact that his card had not been used at the gym, Evans did not arrive for his internship at the University of North Carolina. According to the KPD’s chief investigator, Evans’ phone is currently on voicemail but was last used near to Cherokee, North Carolina. Authorities therefore do not believe he is currently in Knoxville.



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