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WATCH: Adam Schiff Stumbles Over His Words After CNN Host Calls Him Out For Lying

Far-left Democrat Adam Schiff isn’t really used to getting called out for his lies, but that’s exactly what happened on Sunday morning while speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash. After Bash exposed one of Schiff’s most notorious lies to his face, he stumbled over his words before just giving up and saying “I should have been more clear in my answer”.

“Ahead of the first Trump impeachment you said the committee had not spoken to a whistleblower, in fact that turned out not to be true. The Washington Post said so in their fact check,” Bash said, addressing Schiff.

“The Washington Post identified that, yes, before that person became a whistleblower they sought advice from the committee,” Schiff began. “When I was asked the question, I thought they were referring to whether we had brought the whistleblower in. I should have been more clear in my answer,” Schiff said.

Watch him try to weasel out of his lie below:


Schiff was also called out for falsely claiming that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. However, despite all of the evidence proving that collusion didn’t happen, he tripled down on the lie.


Schiff was interviewed on CNN along with Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar after they were kicked off their respective committee’s earlier this week.




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