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Watch Antonio Brown Pool Video Reddit

antonio brown pool video reddit

Watch Antonio Brown Pool Video viral on Reddit with a link mentioned somewhere in this article.

About Antonio Brown Pool Video Incident

Antonio Brown, in certain eyes, has fallen a long way from the levels of his celebrated football profession after a goofy exit from the Tampa Narrows Marauders in 2021. From that point forward, the free specialist wide recipient and parttime rapper made news because of reasons beyond sports, this time getting into serious trouble for uncovering his garbage and goods cheeks in a lodging pool.

Antonio Brown, 34, was caught on record back on May 14 at the Armani Lodging Dubai as per a report delivered Saturday (Oct. 1) by the New York Post. In the edited clasp, Brown is seen roughhousing in a pool with a white lady with cornrow twists then, at that point, pummeling her in the water in the wake of blazing his hindquarters in the lady’s face. There is likewise a picture that didn’t come to the video of Earthy colored flaunting his garbage. One can easily watch Antonio Brown Pool Video viral on Reddit.

As the power source makes sense of, men are heard on the video supporting Brown and saying that he was “waterboarding” her and giving the lady the “long board” among different remarks. What’s more, as the piece uncovers, Brown was purportedly troublesome all through the whole inn and was at last requested to leave.

As per the report, the lady was supposedly not known to Brown and was discontent with the episode. Thus why it could be surfacing currently as a feature of a lawful move a few months after the fact. Brown was visiting the Unified Bedouin Emirates to take in a display battle highlighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In the event that lawful issues are mounting, Antonio Brown doesn’t appear to be concerned. He’s as of now dynamic on Twitter starting around today and posted a video of him rapping the prior night.

Previous NFL wide recipient Antonio Brown took to Twitter to shield himself following the dissemination of upsetting recordings that seemed to show Brown presenting himself to a lady at a pool in a Dubai lodging.

The episode supposedly happened in May, when Brown tied a scarf around a lady’s head prior to throwing her directly into the water “like he was spiking a football,” as per the New York Post.

A different video showed Earthy colored swimming towards the lady and uncovered himself toward her. As indicated by ..., Brown was approached to leave the inn not long after the occurrence, which was one of a few objections that inn visitors made about him. Brown additionally supposedly disregarded inn clothing standard and left his room resembling maryjane, which is disregarding the law in the Assembled Bedouin Emirates. The video of Antonio Brown is getting viral like crazy on Reddit groups.

“Insane to me even after I resign there is disinformation emerging about me,” Brown tweeted.

“Unexpectedly, during when the NFL is getting heat for permitting players to play when they’re plainly concussed. They’ve been involving individuals of color as test subjects,” he said.

Watch Antonio Brown Pool Video on Reddit



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