Watch As Boyfriend Heartlessly Whoops His Girlfriend For Allegedly Cheating On Him

A video of a boyfriend flogging his girlfriend has gone viral on social media.

In the now trending video, the abusive boyfriend invites his friends to his house to help him flog his girlfriend for cheating on him.

The lady may be heard and seen pleading for aid and pity, but her cries go unheard.

On the other hand, the dude’s friends can be seen dragging girlfriend from the sofa where she was hiding from the flogging.

They even stripped her of her clothing and flogged her buttocks.

In the other video, the girl’s brother, who is in the military, arrives at the boy’s residence with police and his soldier colleagues to deal with him.

The beating, according to the girl who goes by the moniker Aduke Gold on social media, has devastated her life.

In the video, the girl’s brother screamed angrily at the boy, shouting, “Did you beat my sister?”

Before they transferred the youngster out of the house, he was dealt with severely.

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