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Watch As [email protected] Woman Breathes Fire After Chinese National Refuses To Pay Her After S3x



A concerned tweep who shared the video genuinely asked as more and more clips of ladies being humiliated emerge.

Recently the social media platforms are full of videos of the so-called V-class ladies. Apparently, they are being called V-class girls because of what had happened a few days ago when a slay queen was forcefully taken out from a V-class car.

There is another video on social media which is trending of a woman fighting with a Chinese man.

Based on what is being said in that video, the Chinese man ordered service from ‘V-class girl’ at the hotel and after service, the guy wanted to run away without paying. The woman is seen shouting [email protected] trying to stop the guy from running away ‘my p_*ssy is not for free’.

Watch below:



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