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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Has Unhinged Meltdown After Sen. Mullin Exposes His Hypocrisy

In a heated exchange during a congressional hearing, Republican Markwayne Mullin called out Senator Bernie Sanders for his hypocrisy on wealth and wages. Mullin questioned Sanders how he could ridicule CEOs and billionaires for being rich, while at the same time, being wealthy himself.

Mullin told Bernie, “You and your wife have immense wealth, over $8 million…Why is it that Mr. Schultz, who actually creates jobs — and the bestseller of a book isn’t creating any jobs — why is it that he’s corrupt, and you’re not?”


Mullin referenced Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who on Wednesday found himself being condescendingly scrutinized by Bernie and other members of the Left.

“If you are not part of a union, you’re also paying starvation wages?” Mullin asked Sanders. “What hypocrisy. What bias. Chairman, you are chair of the Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee. We shouldn’t have a biased approach, we should have what’s best for America and all those that want to thrive and work in it.”

Mullin continued to accuse Sanders of bias, and suggested that his socialist approach is not what’s best for Americans who want to work and thrive.




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