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WATCH: Biden Adviser Says LGBT ‘Rights’ Are ‘Core Part Of Our Foreign Policy’

President Joe Biden’s National Security Council advisor, John Kirby, said in a Tuesday press briefing that the Biden administration holds “LGBTQ+ rights” as a “core part of our foreign policy.”

Kirby’s comments came in response to a question about proposed legislation in Uganda that seeks to establish criminal penalties for homosexuality. A reporter asked if Russia contributed to an “anti-LGBTQ movement” that will hurt U.S.-Africa relations.


“The Ugandan Parliament voted in favor of [an] anti-homosexuality bill and is set to host a summit soon with other African nations on potentially passing other bills across the continent…sources tell me that Russia may be playing a major role in the influence of this larger anti-LGBTQ movement and is using it as a wedge between the U.S. and Africa.”

“Considering the U.S. is currently engaging with Africa on other issues, is this a concern for the U.S.?” the reporter asked.

Kirby reaffirmed the Biden administration’s support for the LGBTQ community, calling it a “core part of our foreign policy,” admitting the anti-homosexuality law is a concern.

“President Biden has been nothing but consistent about his belief — foundational belief in human rights. And LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.”

“And we — again, back to the earlier question — are never going shy away or be bashful about speaking up for those rights and for — for individuals to live as they deem fit, as they want to live. And that’s something that’s a core part of our foreign policy, and it will remain so.”




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