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Watch Bryan Christopher Kohberger rap song Exarr video and lyrics go viral

Internet users have uncovered Bryan Kohberger old SoundCloud profile and his rap song as he sits in a Pennsylvania jail awaiting trial for a murder at the University of Idaho

The 28-year-original old’s rap song has been widely shared on many websites. Since then, the accused murderer has been the target of continuous ridicule on the internet.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger rap song Exarr video and lyrics go viral

Six days ago, YouTube user D.J.M posted a video titled Bryan Kohberger (Exarr) – Soundcloud Rap [Yes, this is truly him rapping 11 years ago]. The suspect, as suggested by the title of the clip, purportedly composed the tune eleven years ago.

There is no accompanying music video. A picture of Kohberger being handcuffed and escorted into an aeroplane has been attached as the song’s cover by Internet users. This post was written when the song had 18k views on YouTube. More people are listening to it on other social media sites, though.

Bryan Kohberger raps the following in the song:

“Always the same thing that disrupts my life/ Wonder when I’ll change I guess when the time is right/ Procrastinating minds arranged to change would be a fight/ So I’m pacifist like I’m afraid to get a bloody fist/ Look at this my mind is pissed and I keep running/ Why is this when I hit it always leaves them stunning”

He sings, “Exarr music,” which is a reference to one of his email accounts, [email protected], so listeners online may rest comfortable that he wrote and performed the song. Internet users were also taken aback by the striking similarities between Bryan Kohberger’s voice and the one in the song.

Fan reactions to Bryan Kohberger’s rap song on the Internet. The song went viral, and the murder suspect was viciously mocked by the internet community. Some people laughed at him and applauded his singing in jest.

Details of Bryan Kohberger’s incarceration are revealed by the jail warden

The Monroe County Correctional Facility has isolated the Effort, Pennsylvania, native as part of a suicide watch. The inmate’s time behind bars has been described as “uneventful” by the prison administration. It’s because of the web rumours that circulated about Kohberger mocking the jail guards and singing rap songs about violence.

Since Kohberger was arrested on Friday night, the jail’s warden, Garry Haidle, told the media that “all standard protocols and processes have been followed.”

After New York resident Valerie Cipollina told a news organisation that she witnessed the Idaho murder suspect lashing out while she was briefly jailed for domestic violence on New Year’s Day, Haidle released a statement denying Cipollina’s account.

Cipollina also stated that a female police officer was overheard by her asking Kohberger to re-don his underwear. Kohberger is being held on suspicion of murder after allegedly stabbing Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen in their off-campus Moscow, Idaho home.

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