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WATCH: Doocy Slams Biden Admin For Letting Russia And China ‘Team Up’ Against U.S.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy criticized the Biden administration’s National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby over Biden’s relationship with Russia and China.

Doocy’s questioning stems from recent meetings Russian President Vladimir Putin and China President Xi Jiping held.


Xi Jiping has offered continued support in favor of Putin as the country keeps up their fight against the American-supported Ukraine.

Doocy suggested the Biden administration has allowed Russia and China to “team up” against the United States and asked why Biden allowed the meetings to occur. “Russia and China: It seems like these two superpowers are teaming up now against the U.S. Why did President Biden let this happen?” Doocy asked.

Kirby disregarded Doocy’s comments, claiming Russia and China were always allied. “These are two countries that have long chafed at U.S. leadership around the world and the network of alliances and partnerships that we have.”

“This is not something that these two countries just cooked up since President Biden got elected, it is something that they have been trying to,” Kirby added before Doocy interjected.

“But, since he’s been president he has talked tough. He has tried to pressure Putin and Xi to act right or risk their standing on the world stage. Does he see now that they don’t care?”

“Specific to these two leaders, though, do you think that Putin and XI fear President Biden,” Doocy went on to ask.

“You’d have to ask them whether they fear or they not. It is not about fear. It’s about President Biden advancing our foreign policy goals around the world,” the National Security Council spokesman replied.

“It’s about President Biden revitalizing these alliances and partnerships. It’s about President Biden and what he’s doing to preserve our national security interests around the world. That’s what we’re focused on,” he added.





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