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WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Roasts Hunter Biden In Must-See Rant

Greg Gutfeld hilariously commented on the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained damaging information about the Biden family. Mr. Gutfeld discussed several key pieces of evidence that have been brought forward in the ongoing controversy.

Gutfeld explained that John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter allegedly left his laptop in 2019, stated that Hunter dropped off the laptop for repair, but then never came back to collect it.


“Mr. Mac Isaac claimed Hunter dropped off a laptop for repair in April 2019 and then never came back. Mac Isaac even has an invoice with Hunter’s signature,” Gutfeld said. This has been a key piece of evidence in the ongoing debate.

Gutfeld also commented on the financial ties between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates, pointing out, “the family received over a million bucks from accounts linked to Hunter’s Chinese business associates.” This has raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and has fueled speculation about the contents of the laptop.

Despite these pieces of evidence, the Biden administration and many liberal journalists have dismissed the laptop’s contents as Russian disinformation. Gutfeld expressed skepticism about the Left’s claim, stating that it was ridiculous to suggest that Putin would go to such obscure lengths for something so arbitrary.

“Of course the Biden 2020 campaign and every liberal journalist in the world insisted without evidence that the laptop’s contents were Russian dis-info.” He continued, “That dis-info claim was ridiculous to begin with.”

“What was the superior the theory supposed to be anyway? That Putin set up a fake computer repair shop in Wilmington, just on the remote chance that a decade later a presidential candidate’s crackhead son would stumble inside and abandon a bunch of juicy evidence that might swing a presidential election?”




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