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WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Takes Victory Lap After Passing ‘Parents Bill Of Rights’; “This Is A Win For Every Mother And Father”

On Friday, Congress passed the Parents Bill of Rights, a bill that will require schools to inform parents and guardians of their rights regarding their child’s education and requires compliance to receive federal education funds.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took time out of his day to slam the Democrats who opposed the bill.


He said, “In this bill we say parents have a right to be heard, that they should be able to go to school board meetings and not be called terrorists. That they could have a say, but Democrats thought that was too extreme. Parents should have a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent in the schools, the budgets, but Democrats thought that was too extreme.”

McCarthy continued, “In this bill we protect the children’s privacy, that the data can’t be sent around that parents should know what they do with it. But Democrats thought that was too extreme. We thought parents should know if there’s any violent activity on campus.”

The Parent Bill of Rights will allow parents to have the right to review curriculum, meet with teachers, review school budget and library books, address the school board, and receive information on violent activity and their child’s proficiency in reading. Local educational agencies will have to post curriculum and budget information online.

“Today was a win for every mother, every father, but most importantly, for every student in America.” McCarthy explained, “You get to know where the money is being spent. You get to know what the reading materials are, and you get to protect your children’s privacy as well.”

The bill also prohibits schools from selling student information and requires parental consent for changes to a child’s gender markers or sex-based accommodations.


AOC is one of the Democrats who opposed the bill:




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