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WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Gushes Over Activists “Confronting Lawmakers” At Tennessee Capitol

On Thursday, MSNBC reporter Lindsay Raiser had glowing words for activists as they stormed the Tennessee Capitol in protest of gun rights. She specifically seemed proud that protesters were “confronting lawmakers”.

“Lindsay, I know you have been talking to people there at memorials, at the vigil yesterday, now at this protest. What are they telling you?,” asked the MSNBC anchor.


“Hundreds of people showed up today. I mean, probably about 1,500, maybe even upwards of that, showing out, a lot of young people, a lot of young students skipping school, a lot of parents bringing their young kids here as well. And I talked to the organizer of today’s event. She’s a single mom herself. Her son’s about to turn five, and she said she felt mobilized to act when she saw this on Monday. She put the flyer out immediately. You could tell she was heartened to see the result today with people singing songs, confronting lawmakers on their way into the General Assembly today, calling for some kind of gun reform.”

“And I talked last night at that vigil to a teacher who told me that she watched the body cam footage through a different lens. I want you to listen to that exchange. Some of the footage, there was a teacher outside and she remained very calm, so it just solidified, I have to remain calm in that situation. But how crazy is it that you’re looking at surveillance video of a school shooting almost as a student? You’re studying what to do,”


Look below for videos of what many are calling an “insurrection”:

I guess according to Democrats, it’s only an “insurrection” if the protesters are liberals. However, if conservatives dare to protest, they are considered “terrorists”.

Stay tuned for more as this insurrection in Tennessee unfolds…



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