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WATCH: MTG Exposes The Horrible Living Conditions Of The J6 Political Prisoners

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reported on the horrible living conditions the January 6th political prisoners are facing after visiting them Friday.

Speaking to RSBN before former President Donald Trump’s Texas rally on Saturday, Greene criticized the DC jail for allegedly violating the prisoners’ right to due process and abusing their human rights.


“I was in the DC jail yesterday…Their due process rights have been violated. They’re being held as political prisoners inside the DC jail. Their hurightsman rights are being abused,” Greene began.

The Georgia Republican went on to explain that one J6 prisoner is being withheld cancer treatment while in jail. Greene also claimed the doctor in charge of the jail lied to her about the prisoner’s treatment.

“I talked to a pre-trial January 6th Defended yesterday who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma…He does not receive treatment for his cancer in the DC jail but the doctor in charge at that jail lied to all of us saying oh, no, we provide medical treatment.”

Greene said the Jan. 6 prisoners told her “how they were forced to scrub the jail, clean everything, and paint it all before we came in there” in attempts to appease the congresspeople visiting. Rep. Greene called the conditions “inhumane.”

The Jan. 6 defendants told the Republican they have “had threats of being raped” and have been beaten up and that the guards just laugh at them, not protecting them.




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