WATCH: MTV Roadies 24th June 2022 Full Episode Written Update, Elimination & Nominations, Task Update!

Everyone loves to watch reality shows as it is not like the typical daily soaps which are always full of a lot of planning and plotting but it is different. There are many reality shows which are presently telecasting on the small screens but one show which is highly watched by the youth is “Roadies”. The show is particularly youth-oriented and the concept is also different from other reality shows which makes it different from others shows. This time the show was filmed in South Africa and instead of judges we have a host who is presented on the show. Sonu Sood is hosting the show and his fans are enjoying this season. The makers of the show also made some big changes to the current format of the show such as launching Bikes, assistance to the voyage, Smartphones, and most important Roadium points. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

 MTV Roadies 24th June 2022

MTV Roadies 24th June 2022

Last week we watched evictions from the show where most nominated buddies were got voted out from the show which was based on the votes got from other participants. So far on the show, we watched buddy pairs battle in a fun game in order to get maximum Roadiums. The game was followed by another team task called “Ball Baby Ball”. Speaking about the upcoming episode of the show which is quite fascinating to watch. The viewers will watch another daring and fascinating task along with the verbal spat of the roadies. So let’s start the written update of the show.

MTV Roadies Today’s Full Episode Written Update

The promo begins with two couples who are saying that this game is important for me and I will do anything for it whereas a girl participant says that now this game is getting very personal for me. After that, we watched that Sonu Sood comes along with roadies in a sitting room where he is briefing something important to the contestants. He says that trust will be going to play a very important game with you and after hearing this all the contestants think what kind of game it will be. Meanwhile, a content seems angry and says to the host while pointing out to a female contestant that her friend is apologizing to her but she is not bothered to come.

MTV Roadies Task Update!

They all write something on paper and put it down into a box. The next scene is showing the room of the contestant where two girls are sitting talking to a person and says when Sounds will not be live in his life then he will get to know about it. Meanwhile, a boy is seen talking to his friends and says to one of that the bro you will go out of the show as I have never played with the feelings of the girl. Later on, Sonu informs them about the task and says to find the coin. That’s all for today for better picture clarity watch this episode of “Roadies 18” on MTV India at 07:00 PM and be connected with us for more updates.



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