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Watch new video shows South African rapper Costa Titch collapsing twice on stage before his death, footage viral on Twitter and Reddit

South African rapper Costa Titch died on Sunday after collapsing twice on stage during a show over the weekend with his death video viral on Twitter and Reddit

He was only 28 years old. When these things happened, the rapper was on stage at the Ultra South Africa concert near Johannesburg.

Video of the performance shows Costa Titch running onto the stage with a microphone in his hand and looking fine. He then started to sing one of his songs. Later in the show, he belted out another song. During this performance, he seemed to reach out for one of his backup singers before falling to the ground.

Video shows South African rapper Costa Titch collapsing twice on stage before his death, footage viral on Twitter and Reddit

He got back up and finished the song, but he fell down again soon after. Emergency workers and his team tried to bring him back to life, but they were not able to. The reason he died has not been found out.

Famous rapper Akon pays tribute to Costa Titch

Costa Titch was best known for his hit song “Big Flexa,” which has been watched over 45 million times on YouTube. Akon was on the remix of the song, and the rapper was signed to Akon’s label, Konvict Muzik.

In an emotional tribute on Instagram, Akon praised Costa for his hard work and dedication to his craft. “Costa Titch had a vision that I knew for sure would take over the music industry globally and was on his way to doing just that when God’s plan intervened,” Akon wrote. “It’s been a sad day, but what makes me feel better is that I know he died doing what he loved doing the most in this world. God bless you COSTA!!!!!”

Costa’s family also said something in which they thanked the people who tried to save him. The Ultra South Africa venue was saddened by his death and remembered him as a “talented rapper, dancer, singer, songwriter, collaborator and friend to the festival.”

Akon and Costa Titch collaboration will always be remembered

The remix of the hit song “Big Flexa” that Akon did with Titch showed how talented and successful the South African rapper could be on a global scale. Akon signed Costa to his Konvict Muzik label because he liked Costa’s style.

The remix gave the already popular song an international feel and made Costa known to more people. The project also made it possible for African artists and international stars to work together in the future.

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