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WATCH: Selena Gomez look Alike TikToker Goes Viral

Selena Gomez lookalike is taking the internet by storm as the TikToker unbelievably closely resembles the singer. Well, this isn’t the first time when a lookalike of a celeb has gone viral on the internet. As sometime back even a doppelganger of Keanu Reeves too went viral on TikTok. While now we have a carbon copy of Selena Gomez is making all crazy.

Read ahead to know more about Selena Gomez lookalike going viral on internet.

TikToker resembling Selena Gomez goes viral

TikTok has given the platform to so many users going viral for one or the other reason. Meanwhile, where sometimes their looks too have made them famous all over the internet. If you have been an active user of TikTok then you surely must have seen a lookalike of Keanu Reeves.

@babywiering ♬ Wolves #1 – Selena Gomez

The TikTok user resembling Keanu was so similar to the Matrix actor that fans didn’t believe it wasn’t him. However, now we have got fans confused over one more TikToker who resembles Selena Gomez. Who has already become a sensation on the internet?

What’s making lookalike of Selena Gomez so viral?

While there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Selena Gomez. A lookalike of the singer has just gone viral on the internet. The TikToker going popular on the platform with the name “babywiering” and is so similar to Selena Gomez that anyone can believe her to be Gomez.

@babywiering ♬ heartless kanye west the weeknd – erik

In one of the videos the TikToker, she danced on the mashup of “Heartless” by rapper Kanye West and Weeknd. However, the only difference users could find between her and Selena is her short hair. The video of TikToker has just gone viral all over the internet. As fans have been in a state of surprise at the resemblance of the TikToker with Gomez.

Users react to lookalike of Selena Gomez on TikTok

Users have got plenty of other TikTokers having a resemblance with a celeb so far. However, finding the lookalike of Selena Gomez was something a sort of surprise for all. Some of them even believed the TikToker was real Selena Gomez.

Meanwhile, many of them did find the difference between the TikToker and the singer. But were literally amazed to see how closely the TikToker resembles the singer. Not to miss, the video of TikToker has got millions of views and likes over it too.

@babywiering ♬ Chicago – Michael Jackson

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