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WATCH: ‘The View’ Says WH African Reporter Is A “Horrible Person” For Calling Out KJP

On Monday, White House reporter Simon Ateba hilariously went off on KJP telling her “you’re making a mockery of the First Amendment!” The timing may not have been right, but Ateba continued to stand up for himself yelling at KJP for not answering questions. He explained, “This is not China! This is not Russia,” as the room turned into a frenzy.

The next day, during an episode of “The View,” host Sunny Hostin said Today News Africa reporter, Simon Ateba, is a “horrible person.”


“He’s clearly a horribly person, and maybe shouldn’t be in the White House briefing room. However, he does have what’s called a ‘hard pass,’ I believe, which means he doesn’t have a seat assigned. So when other people don’t show up, he gets to ask questions,” Hostin said.

Ateba clapped back and said: “About me – First and second degrees in journalism and mass communication, done only one job, never disrespected a woman in my life, love all people, never discriminated against anyone in my life. I have been attacked by pirates on the Gulf of Guinea with an AK47 to my head, arrested in Cameroon and kept in a dark cell during an investigative story, kidnapped in Nigeria and left for dead but survived and became a better person with a kind heart. I have written countless stories and asked some of the most profound questions at countless press conferences. I am a journalist and a true journalist.”

What a response.


Interview with Tucker Carlson from January:



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