WATCH| Zimbabwean Woman Assaulted By Boyfriend For Turning Down Proposal Finally Speaks

A Zimbabwean woman who was assaulted by her former boyfriend for turning down his proposal in public has finally broken her silence.

The woman has been identified as Victoria and her former boyfriend’s name is Pedzisayi.  In a video that went viral, a swagger out Pedzisayi asked Victoria to marry him in the area behind the infamous Joina City building in Harare. Victoria flat out refused to marry him much to his chagrin.

An enraged Pedzisayi asked Victoria to give him back all the money he spent on her.  After saying she did not have the money,  Pedzisiyai proceeded to assault her. The incident drew the attention of passersby who stopped to witness the ongoing drama. Some onlookers could be heard in the video asking him to leave Victoria alone.

The estranged couple finally discussed the incident in a Facebook live event hosted by media personality Butterphly Phunk. In the interview, Victoria reveals why she turned down Pedzisayi’s proposal. She also said that she did not receive any money from him during the course of their relationship. She said:

Handina kuti apapa taidanana. Andibvunza kuti waimuda here ndikati ‘Ehe kuda ndaimuda’. Then yes ndandisiri in a serious relationship naye to be honest. We started flirting because it was a long distance thing and nyaya ye mari yaarikuti akanditumira mari muna January handiizivi or yekuti akauya akabirwa akazobirwa ma phone I don’t even know that. (I never we were in love. I was asked if I loved him and I said yes. We were not in a serious relationship to be honest. We started flirting because it was a long distance thing. He never sent me any money and I did not know he returned in Zimbabwe and had his phones stolen.)

Pedzisayi then insists that he sent her money to come although she did not come. You can watch the video of the interview below:

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