WatchOS 10 rolls out with Smart Stack and tons more features

WatchOS 10 Release jpg.webp

The release of WatchOS 10 is here bringing with it loads of new features for Apple Watch users, including the new all-new Smart Stack. Apple initially announced WatchOS 10 back in June just before the Summer officially started.

The public beta release of WatchOS 10 followed a month later, and starting today users can finally update their watch to the new software as a full stable release. A big part of the changes with this update is a new navigation system for the UI. WatchOS 10 is designed to be more glanceable so you aren’t spending as much time looking for quick information. This is where the Smart Stack comes in.

Allowing you to turn the digital Crown to scroll through these little tiles with information like weather, calories burned, currently playing music and more. You can also use the double tap gesture if you’re on the new Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2. As both of these watches feature the new S9 chip.

The WatchOS 10 release rethinks app design

The Smart Stack is a great new way to get the information you’re seeking quickly. But Apple has also rethought the design of almost all its apps too. They now take up more space on the screen so you can see as much detail as possible. Apple says this new design allows for faster access to information and just like the Smart Stack, makes that information more glanceable.

Basically, there’s less friction between you and information you’re opening that app to get to.

New watch faces are available with this software update too. Both are also interactive and change based on certain details. The Palette watch face for example will display variations of colors based on the time of day. And the new Snoopy watch face has animated drawings of Snoopy and Woodstock, who will react to weather conditions and even get active when users start to exercise.

There’s also new mental health and wellness features, new cycling and hiking features, plus a lot more. WatchOS 10 gets its official release today so there’s a good chance you already have it available to install.