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Wednesday season 2 premiere date: Netflix future locked in?

While there are many things about Wednesday season 2 that still need to be sorted out, one thing we can say with confidence: It won’t be delayed because of some streaming service shenanigans behind the scenes.

Earlier this week, we discussed the bizarre speculation that the Addams Family series would be migrating over to Amazon’s Prime Video if renewal negotiations with studio MGM and Netflix went on for a little bit too long. This never really felt that viable, and mostly was out there because of Amazon’s recent purchase of MGM. It was a way to stir up speculation, at least, that Netflix could lose what is their biggest freshman hit since the start of Squid Game.

Now that we’ve spelled that out, here’s more confirmation that it’s not happening. Sources tell IndieWire that the deal between MGM and Netflix was sorted out prior to the Amazon purchase, so don’t expect that to be ripped up anytime soon. Plus, Amazon does still stand to make money from the show, even if it streams over on a competitor. This is something that should stay solid over the weeks and months to come, and season 2 is not going to be pushed back because of some complicated business-speak.

Here is what you should be aware of in advance: Season 2 will probably be renewed over the next few weeks and after that, we’re hoping that the scripts will be ready for production to start in the spring or summer. Early 2024 feels like the most reasonable estimate for when the show will come back, but a lot will depend on budget. Netflix does take its time with some of its releases in order to ensure that ...-production is complete; also, it has to given that they tend to release episodes all at once.

Before we go, don’t be shocked if Netflix does break season 2 up into chunks … but that’s something to consider more down the road.

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When do you think we will see Wednesday season 2 arrive on Netflix?

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