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‘Westworld’ Co-Creator Lisa Joy and EP Alison Schapker Tease Favorite Easter Eggs From Season 4 Trailer and Main Title Sequence



Flies, Loud Reed and a tower hold some of the biggest clues about where Westworld season four is headed, according to two key creative team members on the HBO show.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of Sunday night’s long-awaited premiere, co-creator, showrunner and EP Lisa Joy, along with writer and EP Alison Schapker, teased their favorite Easter eggs hidden in this season’s promo materials and title sequence. Schapker pointed to the tower in the opening credits — a topic that was seemingly introduced during “The Auguries,” as something fans should keep an eye out for throughout the season.

But she also noted a specific lyric from the Lou Reed song used for season four’s teaser trailer, which is not to be confused with the full trailer’s orchestral arrangement of Nine Inch Nails’ “The Day the World Went Away.” That cover — composed by Ramin Djawadi, who is also the musical mind behind the show’s theme song — may hold its own clues.

“I don’t think it’s a mistake that Jonah and Lisa chose the Lou Reed song ‘Perfect Day’ for the teaser and that it ends with ‘You reap what you sow,’” Schapker told THR. “In so many ways, we leave footprints, and we have consequences to our actions that we can’t foresee. I think the same is true of artificial intelligence. We really do need to be talking about it because the unforeseen consequences could have such high stakes.”

“I think that idea of what you do can come back at you in ways you don’t expect,” she added, “is very present on the show.”

There’s one subject, however, both Schapker and Joy agreed is one of their favorite clues: flies. “Flies are going to figure into the season,” she explains. “Also, that image at the end like a fly’s eye — all pearl-like with like people on the inside — is important.”

Both Joy and Schapker praised the main title designer for the series, Patrick Clair of design studio Elastic, for his continued work on the evolving sequence, on which he has across the series at various points worked closely with Joy, co-creator Jonathan Nolan and Djawadi.

Described by Schapker as a “work of art itself,” Joy went on to call it an “incredible” collaboration that produces “a piece of moving art” that this season teases a lot about the show’s new and historical relationship to flies.

“There is some exploration of flies, which is a callback to season one and also takes on new resonance this season,” she told THR. “I’ve always been really fascinated by the eyes of flies and the ways in which they’re sort of these fractal-like shapes, so we explored that.”

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