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What Ander Herrera thinks of the new owners of Zaragoza



1657825542 What Ander Herrera thinks of the new owners of Zaragoza

Although his return to La Romareda will not take place soon, the midfielder is no stranger to what happens there

Probably the Bilbao midfielder Andrew Herrera will continue for a longer time PSG and his return to Royal Saragossa will have to be postponed, however that does not prevent him from being aware of what is happening there and giving his opinion of the new owners. And apart from being a former Blanquillo player, the Basque is just another fan.

In this way he did not hesitate to express his visions and what he feels to see the team of your loves with a new directive. First of all, he is happy with the arrival of George More Y Raul Sanllehi, president and sports director respectively. The footballer says that this change of horizons suits him very well hand team, And with the hires they’ve made so far, everything looks promising.

Herrera is excited and excited about the new owners of Zaragoza, and hopes to return to a well-established team.

Ander Herrera’s opinion on the new owners of Zaragoza

More than an opinion towards the owners, the Bilbao midfielder wanted to send a message to the Zaragocista fans regarding the change in management. Specifically, what Ander Herrera wanted to express is that the fact that the club has a new president does not mean that the changes take effect immediately. It is a process of adaptation and Jorge Más also receives the club with a large economic deficit.

“We are motivated, hopeful, optimistic with the new property. I think serious people arrive, with enthusiasm. They have also made a significant investment in the club, but I, as a Zaragoza fan, also ask those who are also Zaragoza fans to have a little patience, because things don’t happen overnight. That these people who enter the club find themselves with a very large debt”, commented Herrera.

In addition to talking about the owners, the former Zaragoza player also talked about his possibility to go to Qatar 2022

The midfielder will be in Qatar 2022 yes or yes, although he would like to do it as a footballer and representing his country. However, years ago he left La Roja’s radar and wants to be back in that environment. However, he says that if he is not called, he will continue to encourage and support his teammates as just another fan.

“It is a thorn not to have played more with the National Team, but the decisions of the Coach are respected. If I can be in the World Cup, it would be a dream; if not, I will support from the outside like any other Spaniard” stated the Basque midfielder. For now, Ander will continue to be linked to PSG and it is most likely that he will be among Christophe Galtier’s plans.



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