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What Did Gabrielle Union Say? Actress’s Podcast Interview Sparks Debate on Social Media

Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert Podcast on 2nd January 2023, featured Gabrielle Union discussing her past relationship with NFL star Chris Howard. Between 2001 and 2006, the couple was married. She jokingly stated that she felt entitled to cheat on Shepard because she was paying all the bills, she was working her arse off, and she felt it was her right. Her marriage was a stupid relationship that never should have gotten past the dating phase because neither she nor Howard was ready to commit.

As a result of Union’s admission of infidelity, fans were left dismayed. The exchange sparked a discussion online about what might happen if the roles were reversed. Twitter user wrote: You know a guy saying that wouldn’t be taken well. Others pointed out that “paying bills” is not synonymous with “infidelity,” while others said her argument meant that a husband was only “loved and respected” if he had money and “provided for his family.” The reasoning was questioned by others, who called it “wrong” and “ridiculous.” In 2014, Gabrielle Union married Dwyane Wade and welcomed their daughter by surrogacy.

The Justification For Gabrielle Union Cheating On Her First Husband Sparks Controversy

When Gabrielle Union appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, she talked about many things. During the interview, she shared a story about meeting Shepard on a lost episode of Punk’d, about how Dwyane Wade adjusted to retirement, and about how the Los Angeles Times called her out for water usage (she denied the report). In fact, she debated whether it would be cheating to hook up with a ghost. It wasn’t that, though, that made headlines. Gabrielle Union was honoured for her comments about infidelity in her first marriage. She said she didn’t receive any wife of the year awards during her first marriage, which lasted four years and ended in 2005 when she married former NFL player Chris Howard. When we were first married, we didn’t consider our marriage to be an obstacle to our dating. Her infidelity was partly a result of her trying to match her husband’s, Union said, adding: I felt entitled to it.

I was paying all the bills. At the time, I was working nonstop. That’s what I felt would come, the spoils of riches. Although the headlines are technically correct, they do not convey some key context like the fact that her first husband was also unfaithful – something she detailed in her book We’re Going to Need More Wine – and how this habit was learned. In addition, many users pointed out that the Being Mary Jane actress was misquoted and only selected parts of her podcast interview had been shared. According to them, it is unfair to target just Gabrielle Union since Chris Howard cheated before her. Fans are increasingly pointing out the disconnect between the context and the headlines, but Union has remained silent. Gabrielle Union liked a tweet from April Reign that called out the media’s framing: In her first book, published five years ago, she describes how her ex-husband treated her poorly and cheated on her constantly.



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