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What do you do after you beat the game

Tango Gameworks surprised a lot of gamers with their surprise announcement and release of Hi-Fi Rush, but that wasn’t the only surprise hiding in the game’s sleeve. During the gameplay, you may notice some inaccessible areas, or realize that you failed some challenges, but the real amount of features unlocked after you beat the final boss

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Now that you get a feel for the combat and the controls, get ready for the real game to be open for you now. There is so much content that is kept so secret until the end that it is practically another game in itself. You have many hours ahead of you.


10 Beat your score in the previous level

For story reasons, you will finally be allowed to replay each track of the game. Paths are effective worlds or regions, linear level structures with specific battles and collectibles. You can just specify the path, which means you’ll start from the beginning and restart each section.

While you’re at it, it’s the perfect time to show how much better you understand combat as well as how many upgrades you’ve purchased since the last time you leveled up, by going up as many S ranks as possible to replace those C or B ones. Your score is only kept for the difficulties you beat in the levels, so you might be here for a while with all the difficulties you beat before if you want the level scores on each difficulty.

9 Play the game on Rhythm Master

Description of Hi-Fi Rush Rhythm Master Difficulty

Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard were available from the start. But only after you beat Kale Vandelay will you get the chance to play the Rhythm Master. Enemies will be tougher than they used to be in Extremely Difficult, but now you also fail right away when you get a D rating.

This new difficulty is the hardest of them all, and although you still have every upgrade you’ve already purchased, you might want to wait until you’ve got them all before trying Rhythm Master. This is the difficulty you’ll brag about, the real show you’ve mastered on the beat of the beat.

8 Climb the rhythm tower

Tower Hi-Fi Rush Rhythm Next Floor 2

If Rhythm Master wasn’t enough, there’s also Rhythm Tower. Chat with Korsica in your hideout, and she’ll give you the option to take on this new set of challenges. Each level of the tower will see you defeat all enemies, while you are under strict time limits.

You will gain more time for each killAnd As well as by parrying perfectly and other Just Hits.The game will tell you that you’ll earn Gears based on your score, but what it neglects to tell you is that if you end up with a low score, you’ll get zero Gears, which is a bigger penalty than knowing you failed before the challenge begins.It will be challenging, and there are 60 levels in total. Even just getting this far will test you, let alone doing everything at an S rank.

7 Finish the Wall of Fame panel

Additional Hi-Fi Rush challenges unlocked

Beating the Rhythm Tower, as well as beating it with an S-Rank are part of the new challenges unlocked in the mural. You’ve been unlocking plenty of challenges for the mural before, but now the toughest ones appear, along with some final stage challenge threads like killing Vandelay bots to earn loads of Gears.

This is because the numbers will reach very high numbers that you would not have been able to earn without leveling up. You need to finish the entire Wall of Fame to get an achievement, apart from just having a great board inside the game. Also, don’t forget that each challenge earns you an additional reward, be it Gear or a new currency.

6 Earn bonus tickets

Hi-Fi Rush 4 additional tickets obtained

These tickets will be earned by doing some new challenges. There are enough tickets to purchase specific features, again only after you beat the game. Your upgrades will continue to use Gears, so tickets are only for unlocked new features.

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Even if you don’t want to earn every single one, you might want to set a few challenges once you figure out what you can spend on these fun little tickets.

5 View forms in the form viewer

Hi-Fi Rush Model Viewer Model Smidge not purchased

After spending over a dozen or so hours with this group of characters, you might be happy to know that you can watch all of their models whenever you want. If you have tickets. Talk to Corsica againAnd instead of talking about the tempo tower, Let’s say you want to check out the form viewer.

Each model will be blacked out, but you’ll still have each character’s name, just so you know who you’re buying from. These characters range from Chai and Peppermint to every enemy and NPC. These models even contain fun tidbits like each person’s age, or hidden backstories from each Vandelay robot model.

4 Change the soundtrack playing in the hideout

Hi-Fi Rush Jukebox List

Tired of the same song playing every time you’re in the hideout? Go to the jukebox that popped up in your hideout, and you will find every song from the game. If you have the tickets, you can purchase any or all of them.

After purchasing the song, you just have to play it, and if you move away from the jukebox, it will continue to play as you walk around the hideout. Get the most epic boss fight tunes while chatting politely with your team. You may want to choose CNMN.

3 Buy new clothing options at CNMN

Hi-Fi Rush costumes stock mint at 808 Cosplay

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises that post-game offers is that you can customize Chai and friends. This feature was not hinted at, but now, You can go to CNMN and buy clothes from it. Despite being a post-game unlock, Don’t use bonus tickets, only Gears.

Your teammates will only have complete outfits that you can buy for them, like a hot dog suit for CNMN or let 808 disguise themselves as Peppermint.However, Chai will have a full outfit, as well as the option to customize his hair, scarf, jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, robot arm, and guitar. Dye the hair gray and you can have an easier time pretending you’re playing a Devil May Cry casual rhythm game.

2 Finally open the SPECTRA doors

Hi-Fi Rush SPECTRA Door 1 is open

You may have found a few of these doors in your original viewing. Corsica had no idea what was hiding behind them. They are now unlocked, and tough challenges await you. Each of these eight chapters will differ in its challenges.

For example, the first door in Path 1 will see you face several flying enemies, And you have to defeat each one without touching the ground. Touching the ground will instantly make you fail, and you will have to start all over again. Once you beat all 8, believe it or not, you’re halfway done.

1 Fight the secret boss

Hi-Fi Rush SPECTRA Room Peppermint saying the signal is disjointed

Mint would eventually discover the secret to SPECTRA doors, another SPECTRA room. It gets you there, and you’ll have another set of challenging doors to complete, followed by the toughest boss fight the game will throw at you. Don’t forget your upgrades.

You’ll need maximum health, powerful combo attacks, and as many combos as you can save. It will be up to you to decide which one will be the hardest; This secret boss, Master of Rhythm, of the Tower of Rhythm. Either way, ...-game is full of their toughest challenges, as well as fun cosmetics.

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