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What happened to Kensi in NCIS Los Angeles in 2023? Is she sick

What happened to Kensi in NCIS Los Angeles? Fans are concerned about Kensi’s current status as she is not on the show.

Kensi Blye is a fictional character from a hit show named NCIS: Los Angeles, played by famous actress Daniela Ruah. Not to mention, Kensi is a junior field agent with the NCIS Office of Special Projects team stationed in Los Angeles.

On top of that, Blye is also the partner and wife of LAPD-NCIS liaison Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). Additionally, Kensi first appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles in an episode titled Identity.

In total, Blye appeared in 323 episodes, but fans are still asking what really happened to her on the show.

What happened to Kensi in NCIS Los Angeles in 2023?

Due to Kensi’s lesser appearance in some episodes of NCIS Los Angeles, fans were worried. For your information, she is not on the show because she has already left and has spoken about it openly.

On March 2, 2023, Daniela announced the end of the NCIS: Los Angeles series. She posted a photo of her character Kensi and wrote, “Good night, my Kensi. It’s been an honor to be you for 14 years.

The NCIS Season 14 finale aired May 14, marking the drama’s final episode and Daniela’s last outing as Kensi. While NCIS fans were sad at the end of the Los Angeles spin-off, Daniela said she wasn’t sad and grateful having played a significant role in the hit drama.

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Is Kensi Blye sick in the series?

With the departure of NCIS: Los Angeles, fans have been asking multiple questions about Kensi Blye regarding her medical condition. Many believe she may have left the show after being ill.

However, there is no truth to this. Although the reason for the cancellation of the program has not yet been revealed, many reports suggest that it could be related to budget limits.

Other than that, Daniela is also busy working on other projects, and because of that, her role in NCIS may have come to an end. Despite this, she is happy to be a part of the famous show but left her fans and well-wishers sad as she was loved by many.

Death of Kensi Blye: where is she now?

As a fan favorite, Kensi Blye often makes headlines for various reasons and once people also asked if she died on the show.

In one of the NCIS episodes, Kensi disappeared while on an undercover mission. In season 13, episode eight, Land of the Wolves, Admiral Kilbride gives the team some bad news.

Many corpses were discovered in the same area where Kensi worked sheltered, and no one has been able to reach her since. Later, it was revealed that Kensi was on Gomez’s (Alex Elin Goyco) cartel rune and was seriously injured.

As said earlier, Kensi has already left the show and NCIS viewers are now concerned about the current status of Daniela, who has done her best on the show. Daniela is now busy with her professional life and working on new projects.

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