What Happened to Michael Grimm? Concerns Mount for ‘AGT’ Winner as He Is Admitted to Intensive Care

America’s Got Talent season 5 winner Michael Grimm is currently hospitalized and sedated due to a mysterious illness. Lucie Zolverva-Grimm, the 44-year-old singer’s wife, updated friends and family about his condition on Tuesday via his Instagram account. He has been hospitalized since Memorial Day and is currently in intensive care. According to Lucie, Grimm had been feeling unwell for some time, looking “sickly” and being “fussy.” At first, Lucie believed Grimm was experiencing a stroke, but that wasn’t the case. She said he didn’t feel well because he was lacking energy and struggling to finish recent performances.

As a result, he could barely walk and had difficulty even lifting his head. After being taken to the hospital, his health continued to deteriorate. As his blood pressure skyrocketed, he began to talk gibberish, landing him in the ICU. Despite being sedated, Grimm was taken off a ventilator on Tuesday, according to Lucie. Lucie says her husband will undergo physical therapy since he has been bedridden for over a week. “He’s doing well, which is good. As Lucie said, it just takes time.” She said Grimm’s amazing healthcare team provides comfort to her physically and emotionally. Both his June and Fourth of July concerts in Las Vegas have been cancelled. In case Grimm improves enough by August, Lucie said she won’t cancel anything.

Is Michael Grimm Doing Well? In The Midst Of A Mystery Health Problem, ‘AGT’ Season 5 Winner Is Sedated And In Intensive Care

A mystery health issue has forced ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 5 winner Michael Grimm to be sedated and in intensive care. Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm posted on her social media account that Michael has been in the hospital since Memorial Day and still remains unconscious. Lucie asked fans to donate in addition to sharing an update about Michael’s health issues. In addition to purchasing Michael’s music anywhere, she also asked fans to support the singer in other ways. Since Michael spent time on a ventilator, he currently has no voice and will need vocal chord repair. Despite feeling unwell for some time, Michael’s mysterious illness only came to light recently. Recently, Michael was experiencing fatigue and had difficulty finishing his performances. Lucie, Michael’s wife, posted an emotional video on Instagram to update fans on his health.

She said Michael is still unconscious but is breathing on his own now. Michael’s health issues reached a boiling point last month when he could not walk and could not lift his head, prompting Lucie to take him to the hospital. It was Lucie’s belief that something was wrong with him, like a stroke, that prompted her to rush him to the ER. Lucie noted, however, that the situation worsened from there, as his blood pressure shot up dangerously and he began speaking gibberish. In the video, Michael’s wife Lucie revealed, “Whatever was going on in his body, toxins, they were going to his brain, he started talking gibberish.” Lucie said the singer was transported to the ICU. Afterwards, he was sedated and put on a ventilator. The doctors have now taken him off the ventilator, but he remains sedated. The majority of Michael’s shows have been cancelled this month due to his bedridden state and need to “return to good health”. The video’s comment section was filled with well wishes from Michael’s fans.