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What Happened to Nurse Barbara? Why Did Charlotte Ritchie Leave Call the Midwife?

In lieu of a blissful marriage unaided by impediments, Nurse Barbara Hereward experiences a morose end. Not long after marrying Tom, the Nonnatus House midwife finds herself plagued by meningitis. Season 7 features the heartbreaking death of the young nurse. Charlotte Ritchie portrays the character of Barbara on ‘Call the Midwife.’ Fans have been heartbroken to see their favorite character depart the show in such a sad way. Naturally, many have also been curious to find out about the actress and her latest projects. So, if you also want to know more about Charlotte Ritchie, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Why did Charlotte Ritchie Leave Call the Midwife?

A prolonged cold set the stage for a heartbreaking death, eventually giving Charlotte Ritchie’s character an exit from the show. Having portrayed the character of Nurse Barbara Hereward for four years, the actress’ character was ultimately written off the show. While the producers and network haven’t released a specific statement citing the reason for her exit, Charlotte Ritchie has been vocal about how she has exited of her own volition.


Charlotte Ritchie played the midwife for four years before deciding that it was a good time to call it quits. She spoke to multiple news outlets detailing that she had done three different series in the past five years. However, she also hoped to branch out her abilities and seek new opportunities. To this end, the actress decided to take her leave from the show. She has also been open about continuously wanting to challenge herself and not settle down. After four years on the BBC drama, Charlotte realized she didn’t want to get comfortable and take her character for granted.


While her exit follows a calculated decision, it does not mean that Charlotte has not left with a heavy heart. Having spent a significant amount of time at the Nonnatus House, the actress left the set with a heart full of memories and morrow. While saying goodbye to the beloved character wasn’t easy, she still hoped to explore the horizons of her capabilities and abilities. Despite being surrounded by a loving crew and cast, the actress felt it was imperative to branch out and experiment with different roles. Naturally, fans have been curious to wonder what she’s been up to.

Where is Charlotte Ritchie Now?

Despite leaving the show on a melancholic note, Charlotte has consistently displayed her abilities in front of the camera. Shortly after leaving the show, the actress was a guest star on BBC’s ‘Doctor Who.’ Apart from the brief appearance on the hit sci-fi show, she was also cast to star in the sitcom ‘Ghosts,’ a series that revolves around a young couple who inherit a haunted castle. While her appearance on the show has been widely appreciated, Charlotte has also worked on other projects. In 2019, she appeared in the fantasy sitcom series ‘Dead Pixels’ where she played the character of Alison.

The next feather in her cap followed in 2020 when she was cast as George on Netflix’s ‘Feel Good’ alongside Mae Martin. Most recently, Charlotte competed on ‘Taskmaster’ and even appeared on the official podcast for ‘Ghost.’ Additionally, she joined the cast of Netflix’s ‘You’ as Ritchie. She is also working on a Channel 4 television series titled ‘Partygate.’ Still in production, the show uncovers the horrors of COVID-19 unfolding across the nation as the staff at Number 10 kicked back and enjoyed parties and alcohol. Apart from her booming career in acting, Charlotte is also a highly acclaimed musician.

The classically trained musician recently performed Igor Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ with Karl Queensborough and the Aurora Orchestra at The Royal Albert Hall. Besides this, Charlotte is equally busy in her personal life. When the actress is not working or busy with other work engagements, she likes to unwind with her friends and family. Albeit inactive on social media, she is still an ever-evolving phenomenon who is bound to exponentiate her personal and professional success!

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