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What is a Groyper? Hilarious Bill Clinton Orthodox Rabbi memes went viral after the Game Awards incident

This year’s Game Awards was a topic for discussion on social media. A kid reportedly took the stage to announce that he would nominate former president Bill Clinton for an award.

Here is everything you need to know.

A kid crashes the 2022 Game Awards

A kid abruptly went on the stage of Game Awards following FromSoftware’s developers’ win of the Game of the Year award for Elden Ring.

Moreover, the unidentified stage crasher took it upon himself to announce Hidetaka Miyazaki and his translator finished their speech.

Meanwhile, the youngster reportedly said, ‘Hey, my turn. I just want to thank everybody and say I want to nominate this award to me reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton. Thank everybody.’

However, his brief announcement left the audience and other viewers confused.

Besides that, journalist Geoff Keighley tried to calm the users by tweeting, ‘The individual who interrupted our Game of the Year moment has been arrested.’

What is a Groyper? Bill Clinton’s meme speculations

Multiple users on social media claimed that the Bill Clinton-hater kid has a connection with right-wing media organizations. However, certain insiders consider the announcement to be antisemitic.

Meanwhile, many users initially found the stage incident to be comical, but they quickly started criticizing him after news of him being a right-wing supporter went viral.

Subsequently, a couple of users began associating the stage crasher with a Groyper. For the unversed, it refers to Pepe the Frog-inspired meme. A Groyper is mostly seen resting his chin on interlinked hands. 

Besides that, the term can also be identified as the name of a far-right, alt-right nationalist, and conservative group called the Groyper Army. Nicholas J. Fuentes heads the group.

It is important to note that these are just speculations and nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Netizens react to the Game Awards stage crasher dissing Bill Clinton

While many users tried to find the identity of the youngster, others expressed their exasperation over the moment.

Besides that, many users were surprised over how quickly the internet managed to denounce the young man to be a Groyper and a racist, only a few moments after sharing a liking towards him.

A user said, ‘i haven’t seen a single piece of evidence of the Bill Clinton kid being a groyper but i’d honestly believe it just off vibes.’

Someone else noted, ‘why did he have to be a groyper. I’m so mad. why can’t things just be funny and not antisemitic.’

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