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What Is The Plural Of Satan? -By Joe Dauda

Benjamin Netanyahu is definitely not the tyrant he is being portrayed to be by the Israeli media and their counterparts in America and around the world — all leftists. What he is trying to do is correct the mistake that was made 25 years ago when the Judiciary in Israel became so powerful they now have the temerity to decide which laws passed by the Knesset are valid, and which laws are invalid.

Do you know that it is possible to make a statement that is both true and false?

Meet The Arch Deceiver!

When you read from the Bible that Satan will deceive the whole world and wonder how that will happen, you are not alone. There are millions of sincere and “good” people out there. How can Satan deceive the whole world, one wonders? But there are telltale signs of how Satan will pull this off. Here is an ongoing real life example. And since people that behave like Christ are referred to as Christians, and people that follow Buddha are Buddhists, you need to help me with an appropriate word to describe these people, who perfectly mirror Satan and qualify as descendants of that celestial being described by Jesus Christ as the father of lies.

Before telling you the real situation going on right now that suggests the tactics Satan will use to deceive especially honest people (who are not fully informed) consider this hypothetical situation:

A doctor conducts a medical test on you — let’s say a biopsy — and then tells you, while looking sombre, that they just discovered that you have over 35 trillion bacteria in your body. 

Now this doctor could be very correct. What I mean is that his statement about the number of bacteria in your body (estimated from the result of the biopsy) could be a statement of fact. Nevertheless the overall effect of that statement (except clarified and given in context) could be the worst lie that can ever be imagined.

Why? How?

We are assuming that this doctor is a deceiver (a bona fide child of Satan) and that his intention is to scare you to, for example, take a vaccine or some medication he has in his pharmacy. By telling you that you have over 35 trillion bacteria in your body WITHOUT TELLING YOU that every normal adult human being in the world also has over 35 trillion bacteria in their body, this doctor is weaponizing his knowledge against you and taking advantage of your ignorance and also taking advantage of that traditional and necessary Doctor-Patient trust relationship, just to scare you sufficiently into buying his medication or taking his vaccine. The fact of the matter is that the average number of bacteria in the body of adults is in the range of 39 trillion!

Note: the information the doctor gave you was correct; but that same information (without the necessary context) is a blatant lie and can make you his slave for life. You may even be thankful to this deceiver and, depending on your character and temperament, be boasting to your family and friends that your doctor is so good and that he keeps you informed. Of course the doctor can protect himself by further deceiving you to keep the information about the bacteria in your body secret. 

What a pity!

If you understand the above, you will have no problem understanding what is happening in Israel right now. 

Right now, serious protests are going on in the State of Israel. The mainstream media is reporting these protests as a citizen uprising against the attempt of Benjamin Netanyahu to muzzle the Israeli Judiciary, on his way to transforming himself into an Emperor.

But below are the facts, with the correct context, which the mainstream media will never tell you. Even if they are compelled by independent journalists to acknowledge the fact, they will skew it into nothingness. Beware of the mainstream media and decide, after reading this, if they are your friends or your worst enemies. 

It is true that Netanyahu is trying to pass some laws that will change the way the Judiciary in Israel operates;

It is true that, for the first time, Netanyahu’s right wing coalition has a comfortable 64-seat majority in the Knesset to pull this off;

It is true that protests are going on in Israel over these so-called Judicial Reforms;

It is true that the Israeli media is largely supporting these protests.

But here is the missing information that will change the way you see everything.

In Nigeria, in the United States, in Ghana, in Senegal, in every country of the world (or an overwhelming majority of countries in the world) it is the executive branch of the government in power that appoints members of the Judiciary. For example, in Nigeria, in case you did not know, it is the President that approves the appointment of Judges in Federal High Courts, in the Court of Appeal, in the Supreme Court, and even the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Federation. 

What the mainstream media is anxious that you never discover is that, in Israel, the situation is absurd and completely untenable. Believe it or not, the Judiciary in Israel is not appointed by the executive branch and the executive branch of the Israeli government is the cabinet, made up of Members of Parliament (MPs) and headed by the Prime Minister. It is this very peculiar and absurd situation that Netanyahu is trying to correct. But, just like in the United States and much of the so-called Western world, the Israeli academia is leftist; the Israeli media is leftist. And, wait for this, the Israeli Judiciary is also leftist. That the people of Israel were able to vote in a conservative majority into government late last year, in spite of this triad of liars ganged up against them, is a testament to their wisdom and emotional discipline. You need to read Israeli mainstream media to have a taste of the disdain they have for a man who is the nemesis of the enemies of Israel all over the world. His late father (a professor in an American university) played a role in the Zionist movement that supported the reestablishment of the State of Israel; his younger brother, Yoni (Jonathan) died during the successful rescue operation of Israeli hostages in Uganda decades ago. I have sufficiently written about the Benjamin Netanyahu phenomenon and how his doctrine of a free market economy brought tremendous progress to Israel that nobody bothers to deny — including his political rivals. Apart from that, he is the one that worked with President Donald Trump to concoct the Abraham Accords, which has broken the jinx and has now seen to the normalization of relations between Israel and some Muslim countries, with more countries in line to join. None of these matter to the Israeli media. No. They are rather obsessed with a claim that Benjamin Netanyahu received a box of cigar and some choice wine from a media mogul, who supposedly also gave him positive media coverage. They call this corruption and demand that Israelis who voted for Benjamin Netanyahu be denied his representation in the government of Israel as Prime Minister. They do not only want Netanyahu to abdicate his position but they want him thrown in jail. I’m not holding brief for Benjamin Netanyahu but I guess any Nigerian reading this will laugh and shake his head. Assuming the accusation is 100% correct and Netanyahu accepted a box of cigar and wine and also accepted positive media coverage from a friendly media mogul? I will leave that question unanswered.

Benjamin Netanyahu is definitely not the tyrant he is being portrayed to be by the Israeli media and their counterparts in America and around the world — all leftists. What he is trying to do is correct the mistake that was made 25 years ago when the Judiciary in Israel became so powerful they now have the temerity to decide which laws passed by the Knesset are valid, and which laws are invalid. In other words, the Israeli Judiciary is accountable to no one (since its members are not appointed by the executive branch ) and yet they hold the power to undo the will of the people with a simple court ruling.

No democracy functions in that way and you owe it to yourself not to be played by the hypocrites in the mainstream media who give you as much respect as they give to a cow who must be fed and pampered so as to grow big and be eaten. The media is feeding on our ignorance. If we were all well informed, they wouldn’t be in business because they are largely merchants of lies, even while making correct statements sometimes. Remember the doctor and the 35 trillion bacteria? Fortunately, the Nigerian media, with all its imperfections, is yet to get to this level of moral decadence. Perhaps the underdevelopment of our environment is an underlying factor.

In conclusion, I ask again? What is the plural of Satan?

The plural of Satan, in my view (while I eagerly await yours) is the mainstream media. This is the tool that will be used to deceive the whole world. They are the ones that deceived the Americans to reject Donald Trump, and now they are stuck with Joe Biden. They are the ones that have deceived Americans to accept the lie that humans born males can choose to become females. They celebrate the Secretary of Transportation in the Joe Biden administration, Pete Buttigieg (a man married to a fellow man like himself) and are even hoping he can run for President in 2024. While they were promoting the vaccine and prepping the world for the most massive deception in modern history, some doctors who either didn’t get the memo or who were too stupid to be afraid of the powers that be, challenged the narrative and began to publish results of treating Covid with hydroxychloroquine. When President Donald Trump dared to encourage people to try hydroxychloroquine (as advised by these doctors in France, in the US, and in several other countries) he was shouted down and even kicked out of Twitter. An incumbent US President kicked off a platform owned by a US company? That ought to tell you how powerful these people are. 

They were the ones that protected one of the most corrupt families in the United States, just to deny Americans the information that may have drastically influenced the 2020 elections. Now that the damage is done, the mainstream media is shamelessly admitting what so-called conspiracy theorists like us knew all along. There is too much harm these people have done and their only protection is that they are powerful and supported by the most powerful people in the world, who, in my view, are working for Satan, whether consciously or otherwise. A few days ago, the supposedly sane wife of President Joe Biden gave an award of excellence to a masculine “woman”. What has happened to this world? That female awarded by Madam Joe Biden was born with a male equipment and given a male name at birth. And people knew he was a boy for several years of his early life, until the LGBTQ agenda interfered and this boy became a girl. To solemnize the atrocity, Mrs Joe Biden — who can rightly be referred to as the First Lady/First Mother/First Woman in America at the moment, gave a man an award for being an outstanding woman. The mainstream media loves such travesty and makes you doubt your reasoning ability if you say otherwise. And the beat goes on. If the mainstream media does not like you, your Wikipedia entry will contain “facts” about you. But those “facts” will be skewed to make you appear exactly the way they had predetermined. 

In case you think this is a joke, consider the fact that, in Canada, the government has pledged to spend $75k in sponsoring any federal employee who wants to change his or her gender. The government of Canada is ready and willing to take seventy-five thousand dollars from the treasury and give to any man who wants to be medically operated upon to become a woman and any woman who wants to become a man. After this operation, although the woman will remain a woman and the man will remain a man, you can be taken to court and jailed if you do not address the man as “she” and the woman as “he”. 

And you still don’t believe that Jesus Christ is coming very soon?

Have you seen what the media is supporting? Did you not hear of the After School Satan Club? And it is for young children. Children that are not old enough to apply for a driver’s license are being indoctrinated through a club designed to make them fall in love with Satan.

Do you know what Jesus Christ Superstar means? Well, perhaps it is best you do not know. Jesus Christ Superstar is the most sacrilegious show ever put together in this generation to mock Jesus Christ. Even a Moslem, if he has any sense of decency and retains a modicum of respect for Christians, cannot support such barbaric insult of Christ. And yet the media hails it. What they do not want is the real Jesus Christ. Quoting the Bible is soon to be declared a hate crime and is already a hate crime in some European countries, especially if utilized to condemn homosexuality. Don’t say you were not warned. True Christianity will soon be outlawed. But if you are ready for the type of Christianity being championed by Pope Francis, you have nothing to worry about. 

If you obey common sense and the evidence of your eyes and say human beings are either male or female, the mainstream media, doing the bidding of their spiritual father and mentor, will say you are a racist, a bigot, a hater, and a threat to society. Who do they consider safe for society? People that support abortion of babies, even after nine months of pregnancy; people that support the idea that children as young as 12 can decide to change their gender and even do so without the consent of their parents. 

Recently, some two women uploaded a YouTube video alleging that Brigitte Macron, the wife of France President Emmanuel Macron, is actually a man and that she had her transgender reassignment surgery at the age of 18. The curious thing is that Brigitte Macron sued these women at a court in Paris, but her case was dismissed. No further comment from me on this. 

In 2018, President Trump killed over 300 Russian ex-soldiers serving with the Vaugner mercenaries. This was when they attempted to cross the bridge over the Euphrates River unto the eastern side of Syria, where the oil wells are. I think these wells are operated by the American oil company known as Conoco Philips. But because the American media had earlier deceived the American people by claiming that Trump was supported to the White House by Vladimir Putin and that Trump was Putin’s puppet, they did not know what to do with this story that proved that Trump had killed Russians. So they avoided that story for three months. The battle was fought on the 7th of February, 2018, but the Trump-hating New York Times, for example, did not report that American victory on the battlefield until the 24th of May — almost 4 months after it happened. If Trump had been seen with a woman in an odd location, would the New York Times have waited that long before breaking the news? Is it because they love the American people that they do these things? No! To achieve their agenda, they were desperate to delegitimize the Presidency of Donald Trump and had been manufacturing one lie after the other. The killing of so many Russian soldiers by Trump was going to expose their lie; so they suppressed the story. This is another example. And many people that hate Donald Trump today are, sadly, victims of the mainstream media. Same with those who consider Joe Biden a hero without knowing who his masters are and what they are planning for the whole world. Just wait until the World Health Organization conclude the plan they are working on and you will realize what it means to have a weak and corrupt American President in the White House. The whole world will suffer; but then, I’m not complaining because these are things we students of prophecy expect to happen before the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

None of the people who have been deceived about Donald Trump will be permitted to know about what he did to the Russian Vaugner soldiers because they are supposed to believe that Americans did not vote for Trump but that Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, manipulated him into power. None of these people are permitted to know something like the Trump Opportunity Zones, a huge economic program that he initiated to lift blacks and other minorities out of poverty. My friends in America knew nothing about the Trump Opportunity Zone program until I told them. That is how wicked and powerful the mainstream media is. They have the power to deny even Americans living in America information about their own president. Because that information may begin to make them think that perhaps Trump is not a racist. 

There are universities in America known as historically black colleges. This is because they were initially established to cater for blacks alone at the time in America when social interaction between whites and blacks was limited. These historically black colleges were in need of government support. They requested this support from President Barack Obama, a so-called black man, but he did not support them. It was the racist and bigot, President Donald Trump, that finally came to the rescue of these institutions. How did he do this? Well, the racist signed a bill that will PERMANENTLY provide more than $250m every year to America’s historically black colleges and a dozen other institutions that serve large shares of minority students. Mind you, $250m is over N130 billion, and this money will be made available to these colleges every year. It means some ignorant blacks are still enjoying this gesture of Trump and probably cursing him as a hater of the black race. Ask any Trump hater if they know about this thing he did strictly for blacks and minorities. It’s a pity, really, when you consider how the mainstream media toys with the emotions of otherwise good people by enlisting them in an army of misinformed and disgruntled minions, doing the bidding of the powers that be with no idea whose interests they are serving. Anyone who still enjoys the blessing of a functional brain should do himself a favour by using these factual cases to always judge what he/she hears in the media. You think they are informing you or deceiving you on behalf of their master? Again, remember the doctor and the 35 trillion bacteria. 


This is a battle for the mind and information is the weapon of war. Anytime you listen to the mainstream media, understand that you are on Satan’s territory. Be sober and be vigilant because the being you are dealing with was smart enough to deceive angels and was not afraid of trying to deceive Jesus Christ in the wilderness of temptation. 


And, just so you understand, the end game of this deception is to destroy the people of God. So says prophecy:

Revelation 12:17
“And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

The dragon is Satan and the woman is the true church. This church is the true remnant church and only God knows the members of this minority group, who are scattered all over the world. They will soon be set up and made to look like evil people. Interestingly, those who will hunt them down and seek to destroy them will be fully convinced that these children of God are so evil that eliminating them is actually doing God’s work.



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