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What Is Tranquilizer Challenge? Viral TikTok Trend Sends Multiple Kids To Hospital

Today we are going to talk about the Tranquilizer challenge on TikTok these kinds of videos gathering a lot of attention on the internet on which experts share their responses and warned because this viral video challenge sends several children to the hospital. Every day on social media pages someone’s video gained a lot of popularity and attention from netizens and people because of their content and here same this video is also getting a lot of attention but experts warned against doing this challenge, so here we will share what is tranquilizer challenge and why this video gathering a lot of attention in this article.

According to the sources, The tranquilizer challenge videos have been going viral this trend is harmful because this challenge harmed children and serious conditions. Experts shared a warning to the parents about this challenge and this is too harmful to the children. This challenge has been making health experts worried this challenge harmed 15 children in Mexico and four of them are in serious condition the children have been admitted to the hospitals after trying this challenge. Experts have warned against the viral trend challenge because this challenge causes various diseases such as nausea, drowsiness, and memory-related issues as well.

What Is Tranquilizer Challenge?

In this challenge of TikTok having the Clonazepam and after taking this trying to stay awake. Clonazepam is a kind of drug and one uses the drug Clonazepam in this challenge which may be harmful and dangerous too. This drug is used for combating panic attacks but on TikTok this is used for completing challenges. This drug is easily available in stores in Mexico without a prescription and some users of TikTok used this for the challenge. This challenge causes death or taking to coma and parents have been advised by the experts to ensure their children don’t try this challenge.

There is a notice also launched on a Twitter account that says this kind of challenge is too harmful and not safe to try and various other experts suggesting to don’t trying this challenge. There are so many videos available on TikTok of various different kinds some are of fun content and some are based on challenges. However, some challenges are harmful and dangerous for life too as same to the above trend also shows that this challenge is harmful to their life. Stay connected with to read more articles on the latest news on other news topics.

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