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What is Wordle’s answer today? #592 Hints and Tips for Wednesday, February 1st

You probably won’t be too challenged with a Wordle puzzle game today. Regarding the fact that the word has a simple letter structure without any repeated letters, you can simply figure out all the letters with simple and safe first guesses, although we will still help you with some letters.

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However, the word itself may not be a common term. Of course, it is familiar enough to every English speaker, but those with little knowledge of the language may encounter a challenge. Hopefully, the meaning of the word will narrow your guesses, getting you closer to the final answer.


Wordle Hints and Tips for Wednesday, February 1st

The word of the day is a verb, it only shows one meaning. Refers to the act of speaking angrily to someone who has done wrong or behaved inappropriately. This is usually a way of talking to children to make them aware of their wrongdoing, but it can also happen to adults as well. After all, we all do wrong things sometimes.

Moving on to the letter structure, the word starts with an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘D’. It features only one vowel in the middle, which can be found on the top row of the Wordle keyboard. The other two missing letters are distributed in the lower and middle rows. You do not need to risk your remaining chances. Just try to include the letters that you feel appear the most in English words. If you drop the first letter of the word today, the rest of the letters will represent a word we use to describe a certain type of weather, especially the one we often experience in winter.

This should be enough for you to know the word of the day. Make sure to stay away from the next paragraph as long as you haven’t finished your chances.

What is Wordle’s answer today? (Wednesday 1 February)

The answer to today’s Wordle riddle is “scolded“.

Well, it would be “cold” without the initial “S”, which is typical winter weather in most countries of the world. Anyway, that’s it for today!

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