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What Tartan Does the Royal Family Wear? It’s Complicated…

Royal family members are often seen wearing tartan when they are in Scotland. This is a tradition that dates back more than a century — especially at The Ghillies Ball, as depicted in The Crown Season 5. However, they don’t always wear the same plaid pattern. What tartan does the royal family wear? It’s kind of complicated…

Then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The most well-known royal family tartan is the Royal Stewart

The most recognizable royal family tartan is the red Royal Stewart tartan, which dates back to at least 1800. Its origins are unknown, but the pattern definitely has a royal pedigree. King George IV wore the tartan during his tour of Scotland in 1822 — the first reigning monarch to visit in two centuries. His niece Queen Victoria would later officially adopt it as the tartan of the royal family. 



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