What the stats say about 1 Win players

Top betting trends for 2023. Which apps 1 Win players choose

Emerging Trends in Online Betting: How 1Win India is Shaping the Indian Betting Landscape

It’s no secret that betting sites regularly track statistics on a wide range of topics. In this piece, we will tell you what trends in betting have been discovered by 1Win Lucky Jet’s analysts. The information presented is based on anonymous statistics from 1 Win’s website.

From Which Devices Bets are More Often Made

In recent years, it might seem that all users have switched to smartphones en masse, completely abandoning the PC. But according to 1Win, more than 22% of players still prefer to bet from desktops. The share of mobile players, respectively, is equal to ~77%.

The site’s analysts also found that players who prefer PCs place larger bets. At the same time, the frequency of their betting is many times lower than that of mobile users of 1 Win India.

Here is a comment from the site administration: “The choice of desktop by professional bettors is directly related to the size of their bets. Before a big bet, players carefully analyse all available information, which is easier to do from a PC or laptop. The power of habit also plays a role: big players have more confidence in the format of betting from the desktop. At the same time, the number of bets from the mobile application is constantly growing. In the future, we plan to increase the share of mobile users to 80 per cent.”

Top Gaming Currencies

For the second year in a row, INR is the leading currency for 1 Win bettors from India. More than 50% of players bet with rupees. Fans of foreign currencies are divided: 61% of users prefer USD, the remaining 39% choose EUR.

In contrast to traditional currencies, the share of bets in cryptocurrency continues to grow. According to 1Win LuckyJet analysts, this is due to the absence of transaction restrictions. Also, crypto payments guarantee complete anonymity, which can be important for some users.

Popular Markets for Betting

The first place for all bets is occupied by football. For the analysts of 1 Win this is not a discovery, football is the most popular sport all over the world. In addition, it is convenient to place all types of bets on it, including pre-match and LIVE.

Cricket is no less popular among players. In it you can bet on fast play and get instant winnings. Professional privateers are just waiting to catch a betting site on a wrong prediction.

Of the individual sports, tennis and martial arts are very popular. Tennis has a short off-season (only 1 month) and fast play betting is also available.

Top Alternative Disciplines for Betting

Analysts at 1 Win also note the growing popularity of betting on alternative disciplines to classic sports:

Cybersports and Virtual Sports

Interest in these areas has grown by more than 60 per cent in the last year. There are also many matches and betting types in these markets. As for virtual sports, there is no off-season at all, you can bet all year round and the results of matches are known minutes after they start.

1 Win Lucky Jet

This is a crash game where you have to place a bet and stop the round in time to collect your winnings. The process is extremely simple: on the screen is the pilot Joe jetpack, as soon as the player makes a bet and starts the round – the pilot takes off. Along with the take-off the win multiplier grows. The player must stop the flight in time before Joe flies off the screen (which means losing).

The administration notes the following reasons for the popularity of 1 Win Lucky Jet game play:

  • Players can influence the course of the game. Only the bettor determines when to stop the flight, which adds intrigue to the process;
  • Verifiably fair game play. Each round can be checked in history;
  • Great odds. At 1 Win Lucky Jet, you can significantly increase the bet size. The maximum coefficient in the game is x5000;
  • There is a chat room. You can chat with other bettors during the round.

Gender Distribution of Players

This section at 1Win has been divided into three categories, with the following groups betting:

  • Women;
  • Men;
  • Gender-neutral people (players who have not specified a gender).

The statistics here are quite predictable. More than 70% of bettors are men, about 12% of bettors are women and about 14% are gender-neutral. That said, over 65% of the money spent on betting came from players who hid their gender.


Let’s summarise the betting trends according to 1Win’s statistics:

  • Mobile betting continues to gain popularity;
  • INR is consistently the one of the most used currency by players;
  • More and more bettors prefer other trends to traditional betting, such as the 1Win Lucky Jet crash game.

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