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What Was Adnan Syed Convicted Of? Case Update, Victim Hae Min Lee, Evidence

What was Adnan Syed convicted of?

The currently 41-year-old Adnan Syed was convicted and jailed in 2000 over the murder of Hae Min Lee. By then, Syed was a teenage high school student and Hae Min Lee was reportedly his on – off girlfriend.

Syed was then sentenced to life imprisonment but in September of 2022, the prosecutors said that they had uncovered new evidence against Syed when they indicated two alternative suspects, Adnan Syed was then released from prison after spending almost 23 years in prison.

hae mi lee & adnan syed

What is the most significant piece of evidence against Adnan?

While convicting Syed, the prosecutors basically relied on some pieces of evidence, such as a testimony given by a friend of Adnan named Jay Wilds. The alleged witness told the authority that he had helped Syed to bury Lee’s body after Syed confessed to killing her, on Jan. 13.


Is Adnan going back to jail?

On Tuesday, the court reinstated the murder conviction of Adnan Syed from ‘Serial’ case, however, he is not expected to return to prison soon. However, court also ruled and ordered a another hearing to be held.

Serial' murder case: Adnan Syed's conviction is reinstated

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