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Whatever Happened To Robin After The Black Phone?

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After proving a standout in “The Black Phone,” Miguel Cazarez Mora has kept busy away from the bright lights of Hollywood. In his Instagram bio, he notes that he’s a model, which is evidenced by the numerous professional modeling shots throughout his Instagram feed. Mora also hasn’t hidden his love for music, having posted several videos of himself strumming away on guitar. He has also made his education a priority, sharing that he has chosen to enroll in Arizona State University’s college preparatory charter school, ASU Preparatory Academy.

Naturally, one has to wonder if Mora has any plans to return to acting when the time is right. Speaking to Popternative in September 2022, he said that returning to the horror genre — specifically as a villain — is something he’s particularly keen on trying down the line. “I don’t know what it’s like playing the villain, you know? Like, in a horror film, playing a villain is probably, it’s just something totally different than playing the best friend of a main character,” he said, explaining that as long as the role is something different than what he got to do as Robin, he’s all-in.

Miguel Cazarez Mora is a man of many talents, and while he hasn’t done much of anything in the entertainment world since “The Black Phone” released, if and when he makes his return, it stands to reason he’ll thrive.