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Whatever Happened To Simply Fit Board After Shark Tank?

First, some context to show you where Simply Fit Board came from. As Clark and Hoffman explained during their pitch, they had launched 18 months before their “Shark Tank” appearance and sold about 15,7000 Smart Fit Boards in that time, accounting for about $575,000 in sales. Most of those sales came at consumer shows and via their own website.

When their episode aired in November 2015, Simply Fit Board enjoyed the fabled “‘Shark Tank’ bump” in sales. According to Lori Greiner, in just seven months, sales jumped from $575,000 to $9 million, with more than 1 million Simply Fit Board sold by the fourth quarter of 2016 (via Women’s Health).

This wasn’t just a temporary bump, either. On Lori Greiner’s website, she offered another update in 2021. By then, sales had reached $160 million, and Simply Fit Boards were being sold in 50,000 retail stores nationwide. Plenty of entrepreneurs who make deals on “Shark Tank” aren’t able to sustain their momentum, but the Smart Fit Board is an unqualified “Shark Tank” success.



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