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Whatever Happened To Terra-Core After Shark Tank?

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Like many a “Shark Tank” pitch before it, Terra-Core benefited from some on-screen publicity. After appearing on the series in late 2019, Terra-Core sold out through the end of April 2020, and the product has been featured in Men’s Health and The Wall Street Journal. It no doubt helped that Greg Nigro is a reputable fitness expert, with his wellness consulting brand, The Gym Sherpa, having courted such clients as Vin Diesel and Sylvester Stallone.

Terra-Core maintained its staying power through the outset of the pandemic, when at-home fitness equipment sales skyrocketed. In Spring 2020, fitness equipment sales reportedly grew by 170%, and the Washington Post posited that the home fitness boom wouldn’t significantly slow in ...-lockdown era.

Terra-Core’s sustained availability reflects that continued interest. Terra-Core is currently available on its website, as well as on Amazon. The company has also expanded to accessories like bands, sliders, and a massager. Its YouTube page hosts dozens of workouts to follow along with at home, and its 83,000 Instagram followers are nothing to sneeze at either. Terra-Core’s social media presence is bolstered by endorsements from famous athletes, with Troy Aiken, Drew Brees, and pro surfer Erin Brooks among its high-profile users.

The sharks also endorsed Nigro’s plan to lower the cost from $279 to $199, but at the time of this writing, Terra-Core is still selling for the higher price. It doesn’t seem to have deterred shoppers, who have rated the product 4.6 stars on Amazon.