What’s the Number 6 Reason You Will Never Find Love?

This one is going to be very difficult for most of you. You have come to depend on it so much that you may not know how to do without it.

If you understand the number 5 reason I gave, you begin to understand why you depend on chemistry. I’m going to say something that most will hate me for saying. Depending on chemistry is lazy and kind of incompetent. Yes. The ugly “I” word. Also listen to the number 3 reason.

When you understand chemistry, you see it is a lazy way to develop a relationship. Why? Because chemistry depends on the secretion of biochemicals. Every healthy person has them. We secrete neurochemicals that make us feel good around certain people. However, most don’t know why those neurochemicals are secreting. We believe it is magical. There is no magic in relationships. And neurochemicals don’t make relationships work. People do. As soon as the dopamine phase wears out, you find out neither of you is prepared for a relationship.

When you understand the previous four reasons you can’t find love and have mastered them, you will find neurochemical secretions to be a bonus. In fact, you might even learn how to self induce them at will. That will put you in charge of your relationship, instead of allowing bodily functions to be in charge of your relationship.

For the record, most confuse neurochemical secretions with love. Love is not a feeling. Therefore, it is difficult to build a great relationship that is based on feelings or neurochemical secretions. Feelings are fleeting.

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